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The Spring Equinox marks a very special day in all of the kingdoms. It stands for hope, unity, and change. In collaboration with the other girls of your kingdom, come up with the special celebration your kingdom does to ring in the new season. Help us get to know your character. How does she feel about all of the merriness around her? Does she participate? How does this change her normal routine?


"One day they're going to see you for what you truly are." He told her as they walked through the fields. His hands and face covered in dirt but he was smiling and made him look ten times nicer than any silk garment she had ever seen. 

"A slave girl? Yeah I'm really going to impress the world around us. Do you find that weird Leander, that we have only been in a far section of Amber and yet the world is just waiting around us? Don't you find that weird?" Narian looked away from him, her eyes stretching up towards the sky. She wanted so deeply to leave the place that continued to bring her such deep pain. There was something out there waiting for her, she just had to go find it.

"You're so much more than a slave girl, more like a peacock." The boy responded quietly. He watched the girl in wonder. If she had wings she would fly away and he was scared he wouldn't be able to let her go. He was scared he'd never see her again if he did. 

"What did you say?" She asked turning to him, forgetting the sky, forgetting her thoughts. She'd leave them behind for now, but like all dreams she'd keep them stored away because these dreams were hopes she had, not the dark realities of the ones she saw. 

"A peacock." Leander responded.

"But they can't fly away." She told him sadly.

Exactly. He didn't need to respond.


"What took y'all so long!?" The voice screeched as they reached the town. It was Alma, of course. She carried with her a small child on her waist and swung another around on her arm.

Narian looked towards the mother who sat with Ina. She watched as an older man drooled over them. They chatted and laughed like they were not the wh.res of the city, as if they did not have to use their bodies to scrape by to feed themselves and their children. 

"Where is Mistress Mori?" Narian whispered frantically. 

"Don't worry about the witch for now Narian, the children want to put on a dance and the Bernini's baked some bread, and Ina and Giles have helped the other women make lanterns to light the sky. You know how much you love the Spring Equinox. Please don't worry about the b*tch." Alma pleaded. 

"Alma! You can't say that! She'll hear you and then you'll be kicked out. And then where would you go?" Ina scolded from behind the two girls. 

Narian turned to the woman, who'd been her mother for as long as she could remember and threw her arms around her. "Happy Spring Equinox, Inny!" 

The celebration was wonderful. The colors that were splatter on the children rained around them and the women were painted with henna up and down their bodies. Narian felt the happiness inside her, despite every vision she saw of disaster it was moments like these that made her think, perhaps the world could be a happy place. Perhaps there was peace to the world. 

"Narian come dance!" Leander shouted over to her from where he was spinning around Alma and Ina.

She bounded over to him, a smile plastered on her face, because what could ever make this day into something bad? Even the royals, lords and ladies were celebrating, of course much differently to theirs. They probably flowed in with beautiful pastels and silk, combined with fresh cut stone laid on their skin. They probably danced to music she'd never get the pleasure to hear. They did not have dirt under their fingernails or all over their faces. 

They did not have to starve for a weak so that the day of the festival there would be a nice supply of food to celebrate with.

And for once, Narian decided as Leander twirled her around. She didn't care about the unfairness of the world and as much as she knew there was so much more to discover. 

Because she was happy. She was happy right here. 

[ comment 'happy' if you read all! let me know if you don't want to be tagged in every story! Also I'm aware it's terrible and short, but I wanted to get this up and I didn't think she'd be interacting with anyone else in Amber so yeah...tag me in your stories!! I want to read them!!]
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