I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess.

Disney Collections 2.10:
Charlotte la Bouff!
You knew it was coming.
Charlotte is just so...Charlotte. I kinda of wish I had a best friend like her.
But I wasn't quiiiite feeling 1920s flapper for her. Maybe in places. But Lottie is a Southern Belle, 4 lyf. And so for her, a lot of Kate Spade got involved [btw, Kate Spade is as Southern Prep as I get. Actually, I love her stuff to death, but anyhow.], and then a lot more Miu Miu than I meant. And not everything is pink, actually.
But a lot of it is pink.


Wrote one year ago
This is adorable!

Wrote one year ago
@ducktape I think you definitely should.

Wrote one year ago
I feel like I want to make a bus-verse doll of that.

Wrote one year ago
I feel like Charlotte is my spirit animal.

Wrote one year ago
Soooo happy about this latest installation to your series!!!