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Mmm, beautimous coat.

It's an awfully unremarkable Sunday morning here.
I miss NY.

On the bright side, I have five more days before winter break, and then, five more days until I go to Chicago.

There are always nice things to look forward to.
Ex. Raquel Zimmermann back for Prada's ss ad campaign???!?! :DDDDDD


“As we made love, our scars met,
grazing long enough for mine to say
“He tries to hide me,”
and for yours to reply
“I know I embarrass her.”

“He never learned how to swim,” whispered my scar.
“She got picked last in gym class,
then cried into her pillow,” replied yours.

Just then, a huge wound opened in me.
You touched it. It closed.
I was filled, fully healed, and I knew
I would never be able not to love you.”

- Tom C. Hunley / “Intercourse”

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