today i got a new spot in my english class, righ in front of my crush and next to his best friend.

I feel like this is good because they're really funny and i can get to know my crush better. but i'm so nervous around him, i get shaky and i feel like i'm gonna throw up. if i look him in the eye it's really hard because i'm afraid of blushing :/

so his friend and i were talking, and about three times he told me "i think (friend's name) likes you.", but his friend has a girlfriend. can anyone tell me if that's a way my crush hides the fact that he likes me? i'm not really sure.

then he was kicking underneath my desk and it started to bother me. i asked him to please stop, then he said "lindsay do you hate me, i think you hate me." then i was like no youre my bestfriend, and then he said no i think you hate me. and then his friend started stretched his legs out and i almost told him to point his feet because, you know, i'm a dancer. :)

guys i really need your help. can you comment below and tell me if my crush flirted with me today or not? he has in the past. ;) pretty please?

-lindsay l. :)))

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