Alana Ridges, 
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☆ Wednesday :
Since the infamous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is this weekend, today we're getting in our last workouts before the show, and then heading off for some relaxing afternoon spa time (including facials, massages, and manicures) at Burke-Williams!

"That was intense" Maury breathed as she leant against the wall. I sat on the ground with my legs crossed after the work-out that was sure to create change in my body. "You got that right" I laugh though it hurt a little to do so. 

"I should work out with you more often, you get really motivated" Maury laughed, sipping her bottle of water. "I guess you could say that" I laughed, slowly standing from the ground.

"Are you going to Burke-Williams later?" I asked, smiling as I finished my bottle of water and shoving it in my bag. "I might be a little late but otherwise, I should be there" Maury replied, smiling.

"I'll see you there" I paused, "we can both relax after this work-out" I joked, letting out a small laugh as I left the gym. 

I hope I keep in contact with Maury after all of this because she's probably much nicer than most of my friends in Australia, put together. 

"What have you done with my Lana?" Yaz questioned, holding onto my shoulders and shaking me a little. "Yasmine, release" I replied, as she finally stopped shaking me.

"What are you on about?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow and soon adjusting my oversized cardigan. "I currently don't need sunglasses to look at you. What have you done with the real Lana?" Yasmine continued to question over and over.

"I felt like change" I shrugged. It wasn't entirely the truth but it was all she was going to get out of me. "Y'know, tone it down a bit" I added.

"Well, it looks to me like you've toned it down a lot" Yaz frowned, gesturing to the outfit which didn't have one pop of colour, unless you counted the maroon cardigan. "Why are you all of a sudden changing?"

"No reason, just felt like it" I said as we walked into Burke-Williams together. It seemed that the other girls had already departed to massages and facials; we were the last two.

"Alana Ridges, stop lying" Yaz continued in a warning tone, "don't make me hit you."

Oh dear, that's something I really didn't want or need.

"Klara said that I looked like a clown preparing for a child's birthday party" I confessed quietly. "I didn't know my wardrobe choices were that bad" I added, frowning at Yaz.

"Seriously, nobody cares about what Klara thinks and you shouldn't either" Yasmine paused, "you look amazing when you dress the way you want."

"Really?" I questioned quietly, still frowning.

"I've never seen a girl rock bright colours like you do."
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