So this is for something @nessazura and i are working and i was just wondering if anybody is reading because we are going to write it anyway :)


It was an unusually cool night in The Whitlams. The usually pristine town had an eery feel about it. Something was a miss , Something wasn't right. 
Little did the people of The Whitlams know what truley horrible things were happening at that moment.
Things they would never dreamed off while they slept in the beds with a thousand count bed sheets. The next morning while they are sipping there coffee's and juices they would have no idea that their perfect town was hiding a terrible secret. Something right under their noses.
In the mist you could see the silhouette of an older woman walking towards the soon to be newly built house. From a far nothing seemed wrong here right? But it surely has caught your curiosity right?
If someone just looked just a little closer. They wouldn't see a sweet elderly woman just looking around. Oh no.
They would have seen a bloodied cover axe laying dormant beside her. A vase covered in the bloody prints of her hands. 
They would have heard the screams coming from a young boy barely over 5. Someone begging for help.
And most importantly they would have noticed the elderly woman smiling as though she hadn't committed one of the worst sins imaginable.


Looking at car window Aria could see why her father and Lucas weren't exactly fond of coming here. The paths were perfectly straight , It seemed miles between the houses and mostly importantly she could see the perfectly constructed house in front of her. It seemed to be a beacon amongst the overly done mansion that more than likely had an infinite pool in the backyard.

 Lucas had wanted to stay far away as possible. He didn't exactly hate the place but at the thought of the house he had an intense feeling of dread wash over him. Judging from the picture his mother showed him, the house looked to be the perfect place for his father to recuperate but he didn't like the cold and depressing feeling that crept everytime he sees the picture. It was as if all the happiness were washed away and replaced by nothing but the cold and dread. There was something wrong with the perfect house on the hill.

"Harry will you stop that." Marissa asked sighing slightly. "You know why we had to come here."
Harry inwardly sighed, staring straight at the pathway as the driver drove in a steady speed. He didn't like the idea of this getaway. Not that he didn't appreciate his wife's concern over him but it was starting to get into his nerves. 

"We were fine where we were." Harry said with a sigh. Marissa rolled her eyes it was typical of husband to down play what had happened but she wasn't allowing that to continued. The family needed a break from the busy city life. All of them did.

The car stopped right in front of the main entrance. Harry watched as the servants, who had arrived few hours earlier, quickly took the bags from the other car, a few medication supplies and a blasted oxxygen tank that his wife insisted on them to have He thanked god that she didn't go crazy and bring a mobile hospital along.

"The house looks haunted," Aria boldly said as she inspected her surrounding. 

"Yeah." Lucas agreed a far away look in his eyes. "You have no idea." He said a mischievous smile spreading across his face. 

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