Would You Wear It: White as a Wedding Guest

Would you wear white as a wedding guest, or is that still the ultimate no-no? Wearing black to a wedding used to show poor taste, but now it's practically the norm. Has white crossed into the a-okay territory, or does it still steal the bride's glory? Show us if you'd wear white.
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Wrote two years ago
i would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote two years ago
wearing white will draw attention to you and away from the bride ,it's better to wear a dark color or florals

Wrote two years ago
There are some really nice pieces here. I think wearing white should stay reserved for the Bride though.
But then again, it all comes down to the tone of the occasion and who the people are.
If any, I'd go with the Marc Jacobs dress (a cheaper version ; P). The off whites and the blues are a nice middle ground.

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
Great collection! Were I live (tropical weather) sometimes white is the dressing code for a wedding. So I have wear white in weddings :)
All the guests look amazing in total white.

Wrote two years ago
There are only two or three here that I would not wear to a wedding
As long as you dont outstage the bride, I think its ok