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Name: Katarzyna Alessandra Shaw {Known as Katza}
Occupation: Starting as a psychologist next year.
Parents Occupation: Her father George, is a barrister and her mother, Celestynka, a world renound psychologist, who now has taken to become a socialite.
Personality: Katza is a girl of two sides. She has this beautiful true side of her that prefers to be alone reading, or talking with her close friends. This side of Katza, is common amoungst her friends, her happy and relaxed nature around her friends is natural and the true Katza. But then you get the side she has to put on to please her mother, her charming and high-class girl. Howveer I not saying Katza cannot be charming when she wants to be, meerly that her mother often wants her to be who she is not at her parties. Katza is a quite a clumsy girl and is known to trip over her own feet, because of this she has broken her nose, right arm, knee and her leg, at various points in her life. 
Bio: Unlike many people, Katza wants to follow in her mothers footsteps. Psychology is her passion, and she will often spend hours reading up on it and testing her theories on her ever so willing friend Leo, when hes around. Having an elder brother around, makes Katza less significant in the role of upholding the family name. Her mother,Celestynka, feels that there is no need for Katza to become a psychologist, however her father, George, thinks she should follow her dream and do what shes wishes, within reason. Because of this Katza went to Cambridge University and did a masters in her beloved subject. She returned and through her mother and fathers connectios managed to get a job, as a psychologist alothough she doesn't start until next year. Until then she is attending many events host by her family and other familes, much to her disgust. But she knows if she plays along with it, she will soon be finished with the socialites life 24/7, and will only have to attend the ones she wishes too-hopefully.
Model: Emily Didonato
Story: { Coming when inspiration hits me like a bullet through the head!}

Katza Shaws bedroom is located upon the top floor of the grand victorian mansion the Shaws have owned since it was built in 1839. It was an average sized room, the walls covered with drawings and sketches that her creative mind has sketched onto the plain paper. Since she had been very small she would sit at her wooden desk her hand moving in delicate strokes recreating the image in her mind onto the paper, bringing it to life.When her grandmother had first taught a three year old Katza how to draw, her drawings consisted of mostly scrambled lines that an adament young Katza would insist was 'Marchin' her brother, or 'cat'. 

As she grew so did her skill, at five her drawings were filled with princesses and red indians. The stick drawings an dgolden hair of the princesses the only heriones for the five year old. At seven her drawings now were of dragons and unicorns, the drak haired girls new love for mythical creatures having immerged. But still beautiful perfect princesses rode the unicorns.

By eleven Katza had gained some wisdom, princesses no longer filled her drawings. The maturer young girl now understood that life isnt like a fairytale, that fairytales are merely stories that present life how people would like. With a charming handsome prince and the beautiful vunerable princess walking off into teh sunset, to live happily ever after. What Katza had started taking notice of, which younger children overlock, is relaity. The new. Lives are not their own. 

On a gloomy day in November aged eleven Katza started her first drawing that along with the many to follow would become her most prized and personal work. On that day Katza started the folder of her feelings, the whole purpose was each day to draw a picture of her feelings. Katza is happy to say she has drawn one everyday from that November, even when her arm was in a cast. There are many of them all in folder on her bookshelves. To name a few, the pain Katza felt when her grandmother died, the happiness at dancing in the rain for the first time. Katza often looks through the drawings, each dated and upon the back, with the emotion she felt. 

Its the journey through Katza life in pictures.
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