I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you, you broke my heart and there's nothing I could do, now you know, true friends stab you in the front...

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  • grunge guy
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  • donuts-and-gabbana: ammetrine: x Donuts and... - SKINNYSTICKS
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    donuts-and-gabbana: “ ammetrine: “ x ” Donuts and Gabbana ”
  • S A L L Y
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    sugurs: “ ?? ”
  • ?
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    karlee | her/she
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    Lynnya ・Sixteen ・Loner
  • darkness
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  • A New Season DYLANA SUAREZ
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    — Aoife Cuan, Princess of the Lycans" — @huntxr
    A New Season, a fashion post from the blog DYLANA / SUAREZ, written by Dylana Suarez on Bloglovin’
  • Средневековый замок
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    "— QUOTE
    ▻ “Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.”" — @huntxr
    Посмотрите доску «famme fatale» пользователя Shiki Sakurai в Pinterest — всемирном каталоге идей. | Подробнее об этой теме: Замки, Средневековый замок и Германия.
  • amazing tree house home
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    ▻ Aoife was born in Greenwich, on the Corin Forest/Nature Preserve, just like her ancestors before her. She’s never really left, to be honest, except for scheduled visits to London and other nearby cities. She loves the nature preserve." — @huntxr
  • roses | Tumblr
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    "— FAMILY
    ▻ Aoife is the baby of her family, and even though strength is valued amongst lycans, she still had quite a protective upbringing. She was never super close to her father, even though he treated her like the princess she is." — @huntxr
  • Daniel o'connell
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    ▻ Drystan is Aoife’s best friend in the whole world. She loves him more than anything else, and she couldn’t imagine a world without him in it." — @huntxr
    See more about Daniel sharman, Daniel o'connell and The o'jays.
  • famke-janssen-800.jpg (800×600)
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    "— HEROES
    ▻ Even though she doesn’t really remember her mother, she thinks of her as a hero all the same. She aspires to be like her mother; graceful, beautiful, kind. Still, sometimes it gets a bit tiring living in the shadow of a ghost." — @huntxr
  • weird honey
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    "— STYLE
    ▻ As a lycan, Aoife is constantly in-touch with nature. Nature is central to her everyday life. Because nature isn’t always so glamorous, it wouldn’t do to have a style that employed flimsy clothing." — @huntxr
  • Julie Elisabeth
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    ▻ Aoife has never really had any nicknames. She is the daughter of the clan chief, so no one really addresses her informally. Her best friend - Drystan - calls her Princess, and he’s the only one allowed to get away with it." — @huntxr
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  • Photo
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    "— FUTURE
    ▻ Aoife dreams of the day when she’ll be able to say that she met the vampyres on the field of battle, and won against them. She longs for the day when the lycans are in power, and rule over the vampyres." — @huntxr
    Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
  • i'm just a human ▲
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    "— LOVE
    ▻ Aoife does believe in love. In fact, not many people would guess it, but she dreams of finding her own love. She wants a love like her parents had, and she wants it to last forever." — @huntxr
    Hi, i'm David Rodriguez •17 year Old • i'm straight • come From Belgium • My english sucks , but i try to do my best. •if you hate me , please just unfollow me.•i try to answer to all my ask , but...
  • Tori Hughes
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    "— THE CLAN
    ▻ Aoife loves her clan. She is their princess, and they love her as such. Perhaps she hasn’t been the perfect princess, but deep down they all know that she will do anything for them; and vice-versa. She knows that she’ll never be clan leader." — @huntxr
    The Irish werewolf is different from the Teutonic or European werewolf, as it is really not a “monster” at all. Unlike its continental cousins, this shapeshifter is the guardian and protector of children, wounded men and lost persons. According to some ancient sources, the Irish werewolves were even recruited by kings in time of war. Known in their native land as the faoladh or conroicht, their predatory behaviour is typical of the common wolf, not beneath the occasional nocturnal raid. | See more about werewolves, irish and cousins.
  • vamps fantasy dark vampires vamps FFS zitavamp 259x326 Bookmarks #790322 - Picture For Me
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    ▻ A vampire killed her mother, so it’s safe to say that Aoife isn’t their biggest fans. She doesn’t know which vampire killed her mother; there’s no way to figure that out, so she'll kill them all." — @huntxr
  • We Heart It
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    ▻ Her personal philosophy is that family and clan comes first; there’s nothing that you put above it. For Aoife, revenge is second (or perhaps tied with getting her own love story). Deep down, she truly is a kind person." — @huntxr
    Untitled | via Tumblr on We Heart It
  • C A L I X T E
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    "— SECRETS
    ▻ She’s in love with her best friend. She has never had a boyfriend before. She sometimes resents her mother, because she’s been forced to live in her shadow for so long." — @huntxr
    "I Don't Like Obvioius Fashion"--calixte
  • Poster of a Girl Psychos and Man-Eaters
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    ▻ *coming soon*" — @huntxr
  • citrus
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    "— ENEMIES
    ▻ Vampyres. Really, that’s it. If you’re a vampire, she doesn’t like you. Can Emrys’ vamp-friend change her view on the whole species?" — @huntxr
    ravenclaw; district eight; autumn; rain; plums
  • lexi (@velvet.heroin) • Instagram photos and videos
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    "— LIKES
    ▻ cute boys, vampire hunts, the color green, wide open spaces, swimming, stars, art and music, the guitar, forehead kisses, Drystan, curly hair, running, partying with her friends, dressing up fancy, high heels, loud music, having her own space" — @huntxr
  • glory box - chandr-a: vintagegal: Frenzy of Exultations by...
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    ▻ the ameti fad, being lonely, not having met her mother, too much urbanization, people who speak too loudly, white wine, vampyres of all kinds" — @huntxr
    chandr-a: “ vintagegal: “ Frenzy of Exultations by Władysław Podkowiński, 1893 (via) ” oh it’s one of my favourite works of symbolism in Polish art. It was shown at the Zachęta exibition in 1894 and...
  • We ❤ It
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    ▻ Aoife likes being a princess. She likes the status and influence that it brings her. What she doesn’t like is the constant influx of bodyguards invading her privacy and insisting that she stay cooped up in her rooms all day long." — @huntxr
    Image shared by Ru'a ღ on We Heart It: discover coffee, drink, and cup photos.
  • snapchat and instagram
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    ▻ Aoife can be incredibly stubborn. When she sets her mind to something, no matter what, it takes a lot for her to change." — @huntxr
    special quotes taken from instagram and snapchat - don't own any credits | See more about tumblr, sky and lps.
  • untitled by Coyhand on Flickr.
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    ▻ This doesn’t mean that she’ll never change her ways. If she is presented with evidence that she is wrong, it will get her to change her mind eventually. You’ll just have to put up with her stubbornness." — @huntxr
    untitled by Coyhand on Flickr.
  • Google
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    "— EMRYS
    ▻ Emrys and Aoife have always been close. She loves her big brother, and relies on him for so much. So how will she take it when he becomes chummy with a vampyre? Will she set aside her vengeance for her brother’s sake, or will she ruin everythin" — @huntxr
  • Ekaterina Mikhalyova (@xtrvnz) • Instagram photos and videos
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    "— ANXIETY
    ▻ Aoife learned a long time ago that certain situations can make her very anxious. Whenever she isn't in control, or if she doesn't know if her family is okay, she gets quite panicky." — @huntxr
    Russia, 17
  • I'm so Amber Rose!
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    ▻ This doesn’t mean that she is weak or afraid of everything. She's actually quite brave. She just has issues with things that make her worry constantly" — @huntxr
  • daniel sharman Teen Wolf
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    "— DRYSTAN
    ▻ Everyone is always insisting that Drystan and Aoife have something more going on. Even her brother suspects it, though he doesn’t seem to disapprove of it so far. She is adamant that no one learns of her feelings for Drystan." — @huntxr
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  • Instagram photo by @makersworkshop (Makers Workshop) - via Iconosquare
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    ▻ If you make her upset, you're likely to know it. She is known for her temper, and people tend to try and avoid pissing her off." — @huntxr
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  • women flowers red rose 1280x800 wallpaper flowers wallpapers
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    ▻ This doesn’t mean that Aoife is always shouting, or mean, or even abusive. She can be - and usually is - quite loving and compassionate. Just don't piss her off." — @huntxr
    flowers,women women flowers red rose 1280x800 wallpaper, flowers, flowers,women ,wallpaper. Free download more women flowers red rose 1280x800 wallpaper flowers flowers,women wallpapers for your desktop!
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    "— RUX
    ▻ When Aoife first learns of something going on between Rux and her brother, she doesn’t believe it; she refuses. Her brother would never betray her like that, right?" — @huntxr
    I like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • ravenbluebird's blog, page 89 - StumbleUpon
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    ▻ ENFJ “The Protagonist”" — @huntxr
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    "— ZODIAC
    ▻ Sagittarius ; December 12th (Fire Sign)" — @huntxr
    at some point, you have to make peace with your past so you can live with your present and future....
  • this is the story with the fantastic lies
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    ▻ Paint it Black - Ciara" — @huntxr
  • photo
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  • The Black Hat Society
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    Witches, witchcraft, The Moon, cats, curiosities, darkness, goth, magick, crows, the occult, horror,...
  • البلقان
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    Hear from me not about me??
  • iOS camera image
  • Ali Michael Is Ancient Goddess In 'Fine Times' For How To Spend It Magazine December 2016 Anne of Carversville
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    Model Ali Michael channels the spirit of an ancient goddess in these stunning, consciousness-piercing images by Andrew Yee. The splendor of 'Fine Times' evening gowns from Gucci, Antonio Marras, Alberta Ferretti, Etro and more styled by Damian Foxe integrates with -- but is also subordinated to -- a fundamental truth about the anchor of Mother Earth on our collective wisdom, if only we would listen to her. Once again The Financial Times delivers a spectacular senses-drenching style story for the December issue of How To Spend It Magazine. / Hair by Antoinette Beenders; makeup by Marco Antonio

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