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I hate how you can never tell how much pain someone is in. I literally have this thought at some point every single f*cking day. I could be at a stoplight, looking over at the person in the car next to me, and I just wonder what kind of bullshit they’ve been dealing with lately. I sympathize with people that I’ve never met about problems that I have no knowledge of. Somehow, though, I feel like if these people knew that I was questioning their emotional state, they’d thank me or maybe feel a little better. I know I would, because I can’t help but count the times when I’ve wanted someone to question my emotional state or notice how much pain I was in. Everyone is dealing with something, and no matter how monumental, you can’t help but hope that somebody recognizes that.

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necklace: http://www.twinkledeals.com/necklaces/graceful-faux-crystal-party-necklace/p_500438.html

clutch: http://www.twinkledeals.com/clutches/stylish-chains-and-metallic-design/p_498717.html

skirt: http://www.twinkledeals.com/skirts/trendy-pocket-design-broken-hole/p_403961.html

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