takes to the sky like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover? all your life, you've never seen a woman taken by the wind. would you stay if she promised you heaven? will you ever win? she is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness. ♥

[ r h i a n n o n | fleetwood mac ]

cracking her neck as she walked back into her home with her suitcase in hand, a small sigh slipped out of rory's lips. it was good to be home, after a few weeks in houston (doing treatment, though her family would say it was just an over-due vacation and explain to the school board what was happening in private so no one knew). she hated keeping her cancer a secret, but her family wanted a lovely family portrait so she had to keep her mouth shut. she also wasn't allowed chemo, since that would make her hair fall out and they wouldn't want that for their perfect daughter and only child. grabbing an apple from the kitchen after setting her suitcase down in her room, the blonde quickly left the home in hopes to find her best-friend ________, also known as the /only/ friend her parents approved of. their families had been friends for ages, and even though he was a tad older than she was, he was still nice to have around and she didn't seem to bore him to death. knocking on his door and greeting his mother with a friendly embrace, she was told he was in his room: the blonde being let inside and travelling up the stairs, knocking on his bedroom door with a smile. she wasn't supposed to be home so early, but they believed that they had surgically removed where most of the cancer was so that she would be healthy (or at least feel healthy) for a little bit, until they could tell where else it was in her body. she hoped to surprise him, but she also wondered if it was a bad time that she caught him at; rory was always worried about something, and she took every chance she got to get her anxiety level on high, though she honestly didn't mean to.

[ @leaholic wow that was terrible do not hate me also i will reply to your set in the morning because it's almost 1 here and i'm tired :c ]
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