I woke up from my dazy haze by the sound of metal clacking. I look to my left side to see an empty space with the blankets and comforters all over it. I bit my lip as I remembered her appearance. Perfection would like to compare to her. 

I rubbed my face with my hands and I also stretched. When the sheets pooled in my lap I started to remember the events of last night. It was amazing, no, she was amazing. I couldn't believe how someone could experience so much pleasure, I didn't even know that was possible. 

The way her skin felt against mine was enough to drive me to insanity. But I wouldn't mind insanity if she was right there beside me. I heard her muttering a few curse words, I'm sure it was more than just a mutter. But a mutter was all I could register at the moment due to my stay at cloud nine. 

I stood up from the bed and put on a pair of boxers then headed out of the room. Now I could hear the low tune of a new pop song. She would sing the little parts of the lyrics. When I made it to the kitchen I quickly hid behind the wall and watched her.

She was wearing one of my long sleeves button ups and.. Well that was it. She was moving her body to the tune of the song and her long luscious hair flipped along. I smiled remembering last night the smell of her hair made me feel like I was in heaven. Oh Jesus, bless her.

"I know your watching me. It's getting creepy, so stop." She spoke and didn't even turn to me, she was too busy over a steaming pan. I lightly chuckled and made my way towards her. I gripped her waist and pulled her body into mine. It's amazing how we fit together better than a puzzle.

I removed her hair from one of her shoulder and started to peck her neck over the love bites I had left the night before. "You were fantastic last night, love." She groaned and continued cooking while I just started to gently suckle on her neck again. Her neck stretched giving me more access to it, and oh bloody hell was I going to take advantage of it. 

She flipped a knob on the stove and put the food on our place. Ali pulled away from me and continued setting our plates along with some orange juice and coffee. "Breakfast is served" she said as she placed the plates and the silver wear on the kitchen nook. "Who says we can't have a little dessert first?" I spoke as I took her face into my hands and made her remember last night. 

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