its friday, did you know?

but theres a teen titans go christmas special in less than 2O minutes, so excite.
but theres a thing, the weather's got me down totally.

oh wait!
guess who's good enough to come home but still on medication??
Bells <3
Bella's home and her tummy is shaved, but she's gaining her gusto back.
we can tell she missed us just as much (;-;) and she didnt get to run around or have fun for like... five days.
so now she's really tired and keeps wearing herself out, and we cant travel for christmas because of her medication and her whole entire body was bruised.
so we have to be very careful.
its kind of sad, but im just happy she's home.

i need to buy christmas presents. i'll do that real soon :3

school was pretty sucky, and there's no use explaining any of it, except for it was sucky.
so thats all i can explain.

i want some pizzaaaaaa.
XP guys, guys, my christmas list is super lame.
its like really really lame, it's all cheap stuff.
like, i think the most money for something on their is $2O.OO

arent i a nice kid?
i know there are a lot of people to buy presents for in this family, and i just think i dont need anything.
i dont really even want that much.
the same thing happened for my birthday.

and guess what.
im going to get an etsy and sell custom dolls.
i really like repainting.
there will be a lot of blogging about that.
and pictures!
i dont want a job XDD i think selling art online would be so much better.
im super excite :DD

*disney channel people talking about their favorite christmas traditions*

Katherine: "Aww! Theyre just like normal people!!"
Me: "...Almost (^u^)"

- Stanny

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