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Nickname: Poppy
Age: 17
Year & House: Seventh, Ravenclaw
Hometown: Cornwall, England // Tokyo, Japan.
Bio: Paloma Jordan, how do you explain her? This girl is trouble and it would do you good if you remember it, because if she's sure as hell not going to take it easy on you just because you're new or something. She's the beater of the Ravenclaw team, using her pent up aggression on hitting bludger away from her fellow Ravenclaw team mates. If you mess with her it'll probably be the last thing you do. Her parent divorced when she was five, with her mother moving half way across the world to Tokyo. Her parent's got joint custody of her, spending her time between her mothers loft in Tokyo and her fathers manor. Not that she's ever complained, in fact she prefers it to the fighting that her parents did when the were together.
Model: Grace Hartzel

- Wand: 13 in, Blackthorn. 
- Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring.
- Broom: Firebolt.
- Skills: Quidditch, hexs, DADA and breaking rules. 
- Skilled Quidditch Positions: Beater, though she has been known to fill in as a chaser if needed.
- Boggart: Being stuck somewhere really high, yes she plays Quidditch but when she's playing she just forgets that she's scared.
- Patronus: Currently a tiger, she's fierce like one and she's been said to have their grace. Previously was a peacock, change noticed a few months after her particularly nasty break-up with Eli.
- Animagi: A kitten named Blue. It was given to her by Eli Cooper.
looks like - http://www.polyvore.com/never_give_in/thing?id=67337856

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