WPA~Cassie Evans

Name: Cassidy (Cassie) Evans
Style: girly, classy, pretty, sweet, polished
Likes: juicy, chanel, gucci, dior, MAC, iPhone, texting, guys, gossip, flirting, starbucks, the color pink, gossip girl,
Dislikes: abercrombie, hollister, wannabes, ugly guys
Bio: Cassie has every guy everywhere wrapped around her finger, and she knows it. With her exotic brazilian looks, and rich family she can;t be stopped. Her dad is one of the richest men alive, since he owns a marketing company. Cassie's been modeling since she did her first shoot with pampers when she was one. Now she models with VS and for the top designers. Cassie was at the top of the social ladder at her old school, and she plans it to stay that way at Winstonian Preparatory Academy. Everyone judges Cassie and thinks she is a b!tch because she so rich andcan get any guy. But she's really sweet and nice if you get to know her. But will that have to change to be the alpha of WPA?
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