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∞ Full Name - Wren Oralie Daute
∞ Pronunciation - Ren Orh-ah-lee D-ou-ght
∞ Nicknames - Wren
∞ Birth Date - 17th October
∞ Age - Sixteen
∞ Hometown - Clark, Nevada
∞ Nationality - American
∞ Clique - The Pretty Committee {Invited}
∞ Appearance -
Her hair is often found dyed a different colour {mostly between shades of red, brown and black along with dip-dyes of various colours} she’s a natural brunette and whenever her hair is that colour it’s thick, wavy and flows half-way down her back.
Naturally clear skin covers her face and incredibly thin body in a shade of purest snow, white with no blemishes, spots or marks upon her flawless skin. A small piercing sits in between full, soft pink lips and a sloping nose. Crystal blue eyes, often found surrounded by thick eyeliner and mascara, sit in the middle of her face, icy and cold.
∞ Personality - Wren has an intense love for life with a passionate hatred for humanity. She does whatever the fủck she wants and doesn’t give a sh̉it about other people. Her needs are selfish and she tries to escape a haunting past by acting out and doing her own thing. Being one that couldn’t care less about what others think she can be incredibly aggressive and confrontational. Unlike most other troubled teens underneath it all she isn’t a sweet and innocent young girl. She’s a hate filled bỉtch that just wants it all to end.
∞ Likes -
✔ Alternative Bands
✔ Unique/One-of-a-kind T-shirts
✔ Cigarette Jeans
✔ Piercings
✔ Tattoos
∞ Hobbies -
✔ Sex
✔ Drugs
✔ Drinking
✔ Smoking
✔ Partying
∞ Biography - Having always been on the wrong side of the beaten track, Wren spent her childhood with an abusive father and older brother (her mother having been killed by her father when she was just 5 through the extensive treatment of physical and sexual abuse). Growing up with regular beatings and abuse from them started to send her insane and during bouts of sobbing she’d be found talking to herself or her reflection which soon transformed into self-harm.
After a serious car accident killed them both she was sent to an orphanage at the age of 10 and was adopted just months after first arriving for her doe-eyed and innocent appearance. Luckily for her, her new parents were majorly wealthy making her new life filled with anything and everything she could ever imagine. Growing used to this constant wealth has made her a little spoilt. But pair that with her incredibly troubled background and you get a rebel teen with a hobby for drugs, sex & rock ‘n’ roll.
Living life to the full and spending her foster parents money means she’s never bothered to do anything for anyone else and uses her childhood and past as a reason for her hatred upon humanity.
Finally, her behaviour grew too much for her foster parents and they enrolled her in a brand new school and set up regular appointments with a psychiatrist in order to help her get over her intense and often suicidal behaviour. Naturally she despises it there and plans on doing everything she can to escape.

∞ Family -
† Mother = Anais Lotch = Deceased
† Father = Tudor Lotch = Deceased
† Older Brother = Ethan Lotch = Deceased
✔ Foster Mother = Rhia Sydney = 30
✔ Foster Father = Thomas Sydney = 32
∞ Other - Her last name is that of her mother’s maiden one as she didn’t want either her father’s last name or her new parents one. She has a tattoo on her left wrist of an infinity sign (∞) and one of a small crucifix on the back of her neck.
∞ Sample Roleplay -

∞ wreɴ orαlιe dαυтe
∞ ѕιхтeeɴ
∞ preттy coммιттee
∞ ɗơɴ'т ѕƥєαĸ ι ĸɴơɯ ʝυѕт ɯнαт ɣơυ'ɾє тнιɴĸιɴɢ
∞ {Insert Polyvore}
Wren raises an eyebrow and stubs out her spliff on the brick beside her. Perched upon the top of a wall she looked down at the school below, rolling her eyes at the pretentious students and leaning back on her calloused hands, shifting to let one leg slip over the side that led down to the ground. Just one little twist and she could fall 20 feet to her death. Oh how tempting the world could be sometimes.

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