Is there love at first sight?

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A - Awkward:
~Sometimes i feel so awkward, like when i talk to people i don't know or try to talk to my crush and it's really annoying i hate it.
B - Birthday:
~July 10!
C - Crushing on:
~Harry Styles is the love of my life and I want to do bad things with Zayn. But back to reality, I have a crush on a guy that I don't know if he likes me or what.
Have you ever been to the ocean?:
~yesss. Is amazing and scary at the same time
Have you almost drowned in the ocean?:
~yeap, i don't want to talk about that.
What is the temperature outside?:
~idk, but is really cold
What radio station do you listen to?:
~"The Mega Station" that's the name haha
What was the last thing you bought?
~A book.
What was the last thing on TV you watched?:
~the repetition of the AMAs
Who was the last person you took a picture of?:
~myself haha
Ever really cried your heart out?:
~yeah :(
Ever cried yourself to sleep?:
~yes :(
Have you ever cried on a friend's shoulder?
~no, i don't cry in public i don't know why
Ever cried over the opposite sex?:
~ugh yes
Do you cry when you get an injury?:
~I cry so much omg 
Do songs make you cry?
~when they remember me about someone i miss or when the lyrics are really sad.
Are you a happy person?
~sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not.
What is your current hair colour:
~my natural color, is brown, but sometimes it's clear and sometimes dark.
Currently wearing?
~my pajamas :$
~nope, just one and different every day.
Your eye colour?:
~boring brown :(
Short or long hair?:
~shorttt! i cut it some weeks ago and i love it.
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