Donna Noble came into work, ‘Hi Donna!’ Someone called from across the room. Donna waved, she found her cubicle and got to work. She grabbed the files on her desk next to her, she shuffled through them, threw them back down. She started typing out one of the files next to her, one of her friends came up from behind her, ‘Hey, boss needs that file I gave you yesterday.’ Donna sighed, ‘I shredded that.’ Her friend slumped her shoulders. ‘Didn’t you type it out.’ Donna nodded and checked the files on her computer, it was gone. Donna sighed, ‘I’m sorry, Denise, I apparently didn’t save it.’ Denise groaned, ‘Boss is going to be so mad at me, I might even lose my job.’ Donna looked at her ‘No you won’t, don’t worry, I’ll call IT.’ Denise brightened up, ‘Oh Donna I could kiss you!’ Donna chuckled, ‘Please don’t, no really, don’t.’ Denise left and Donna picked the phone that the company provided for all the workers, she glanced at the pamphlet next to the receiver. IT...#12. She punched in 1....2...Call. She held the phone up to her ear. A man's voice answered, ‘IT Department, how can I help you?’ Donna replied, ‘I lost a document on my computer, can you send someone up to the 3rd floor, Cubicle 17?’ ‘One moment please.’ The man requested. She heard him call to someone called “Tim” ‘Alright we’ll have someone up to help you in just a moment, ma’am.’ Donna nodded at Denise, who caught her eye. ‘Thank you!’ Donna waited. 
After 3 minutes, a man came up, he had dark brown hair that was short and flat, he himself was rather short, he was wearing a grey t-shirt that had a v-neck and jeans. ‘Hi!’ He said in an Irish accent. Donna smiled, ‘Hi, Tim.’ He frowned. ‘It’s actually Jim.’ 
‘Oh, I just heard the guy talking to you over the phone.’ Jim nodded, ‘Dave, that’s my boss.’ Donna nodded. ‘Okay.’ Jim looked around awkwardly, ‘So, what do you need help with?’ Donna opened up the files on her computer, ‘Here, I lost my files. I wrote them all out and shredded the original, but my stupid computer didn’t save them.’ Jim nodded thoughtfully, ‘Did you click the save button?’ He asked. Donna scoffed, then she thought about it. ‘No, I don’t think I did.’ Jim laughed. Donna kind of shivered, it was not a normal laugh, it was like cold pretending to be warm, like evil pretending to be good, like .
 Donna tried to look up at him but he was turned the other way, grabbing something from his bag. He turned back, ‘Okay, let’s get to work on retrieving this file.’ He rubbed his hands together, grabbed a chair and sat down. Donna handed him the mouse. Jim took 10 minutes in silence to recover her document, ‘There you go.’ He said turning to look at her. Donna frowned, ‘How did you do that?’ Jim chuckled, ‘I’m IT for a reason. Heck, I could steal the Crown Jewels if I wanted.’
 Donna scowled. ‘I doubt you could do that.’ ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ He grinned. ‘Okay, all done!’ He stood up to go. Then he looked over at the front door and froze. Donna looked up, there was a man and woman. The man was tall with curly black hair and piercing blue eyes, he had gaunt hawk-like features with a thin face, he was wearing a suit with a purple-ish shirt underneath, with a big overcoat that came to his ankles. Donna recognized him, but from where, maybe the papers, was he a celebrity, or maybe a detective. The woman was rather short with brown hair pulled back in a long ponytail, she had big brown eyes, she was wearing a plaid shirt with ruffles on the front, a tan cardigan and baggy khaki trousers, with a white lab coat over it all.
 Donna frowned and turned back to Jim, ‘You all right, Jim?’ He breathed in and out heavily, then nodded. ‘Yeah, I guess.’ Then he turned and left the cubicle. Donna shrugged and turned to her computer, now she had her document back. She printed it out and waved Denise over, ‘Yes.’ Denise whispered as Donna handed her the paper, ‘Donna, you might as well be made of gold. Your wonderful!’ Donna nodded, ‘I know!’ She smiled at Denise, then Denise left Donna to her work. A voice cried ‘Stop!’ Donna jumped and looked up, the man by the door was pointing by the elevator. ‘You there! Stop!’ Donna followed his finger to the elevator. Jim was getting in the elevator. He looked over at the man and grinned. A grin that matched his laugh, cold-hearted and empty. 
Then the elevator doors closed and the last thing they saw, was Jim tilt his head back and laugh, that maniacal laugh that sent chills down Donna’s spine. Now, Donna knew who the shouting man was, Sherlock Holmes, world’s first and best consulting detective. Donna stood up and walked over to Sherlock Holmes, ‘You’re him, that man, the detective, you’re Sherlock Holmes.’ Holmes nodded. ‘Yes.’ Donna pointed in the direction they last saw Jim. ‘Who was that man? He said his name was Jim, he’s supposed to be the IT guy.’ Holmes whipped his head around toward her, ‘The IT guy? I should have known, I’m so stupid.’ He rubbed his hands down the side of his face. ‘Who was that?’ Donna asked. He looked at her with his piercing eyes, and she saw that whoever Jim really was, he was dangerous. ‘The world’s most dangerous man. Most wanted criminal in London. The Napoleon of Crime. He’s a spider, but not just a spider, the most poisonous spider you can imagine, his bite is more venomous than you can imagine. He’s James Moriarty.’
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Wrote 4 years ago
@mischieffoal Thanks so much hun! It took me about a day, not sure why I got this one done faster than the others! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
oooooh... good story!



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