so um its marie again. xx.

this was requested and i don't really write fanfics, but I've garnered the basics of this 'art' haha (:


- choose a c e l e b r i t y ;
usually fanfics are about male celebrities (ex; one direction, justin bieber, etc.), but it can be about a female too, it all depends on what direction you,re planning to go in in your story. make sure you choose a celebrity whom you know well so you can accurately depict them, and also make sure they fit the role you are attributing them in the story.

- plan out your p l o t ;
is it going to be a love story between a girl and justin bieber? a heart warming tale of an anorexic girl that meets demi lovato, who gets her to stop? a funny text about a blossoming friendship between two girls and one direction? it's all up to you, but make sure you have enough elements to make your story coherent and interesting. (for more tips on this go see this tip;

- stay a p p r o p r i a t e ;
I can not stress this enough. there are too many fanfics our there where it gets way too graphic, or we portray violent relationships, etc, etc. you can do it if you want to, but I definitely wouldn't, especially if you're going to post it somewhere (ex: wattpad,, etc.) because anyone could find it.. BUT JUST PLEASE OK.

- avoid typical c l i c h é s ;
I hate it when I'm reading a fanfic and it's oooohhh soooo cliché, it's just annoying. clichés to avoid; meeting in a coffee shop/clothing store, making a whole band fall for a whole group of friends, making the girl look perfect (but she complains about her looks), getting cancer out of nowhere because you have no more ideas for your story, etc. I HAVE WAY MOREE OMG (':
- share your s t o r y ;
like I said above, there are number of websites where you could share your fanfic, because what's the point of writing one if you're the only one reading it? visit wattpad,, quizzilla, quotev, etc. and post your story!

I hope you'll improve and write great fanfics with my tips (: Comment below if you've got some good fanfics for me to read, I always love getting to know our followers ♥

{ do e v e r y t h i n g and regret n o t h i n g }
marie // @xoxo-mimi 
- t a g s ;
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