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I knocked on Amelia's door, waiting patiently for her to answer as I started to doubt coming here. I mean, it's not like it was on a whim considering it had taken awhile and going through a lot of people to find out where she lived, but I'd be lying if I said I put a lot of thought into it. I mean, me and Cara had just barely broken up.
"Tom," Amelia said after pulling the door open, giving me no more time to think. 
I smirked, my eyes taking in her perfect body once again. Honestly, I had no idea how she was so gorgeous. Even now as she was dressed down, she was stunning. "Hey Amelia."
She smirked. "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to hang out with my friend," I told her, though I wasn't sure that's all I wanted. I think I wanted to tell her about me and Cara... I just didn't know how. Or if I should.
She nodded. "All your other ones were busy?" She questioned me, her arms crossing over her chest.
"It is a Friday night." I shrugged. "Or maybe I just wanted to see you... my friend," I added with a smirk.
She sighed, “Alright, come in.” 
"Thanks..." I paused. Honestly, I hadn't even been sure I'd be let in. I followed her into the house, smiling as a delicious smell hit my nose. "What's that smell?"
"Fried rice. I made it for dinner." She smiled.
"Sounds good." I smiled sincerely, starting to feel a little hungry. 
She smirked. "So do you want to stay and have some?" She asked, raising her brow.
"I would love to have dinner with you." I winked, acting like I hadn't been hinting at it when I clearly had been.
She laughed softly, leading me all the way into the kitchen. "So, how's your girlfriend?" She asked me as I took a seat at her table, watching as she began to fork rice onto two plates.
I cleared my throat uncomfortably. Well, I guess there was no better time to tell her. Me and Cara were going to be issuing a statement to be released to the press any day now anyway. "Carolyn broke up with me."
She dropped the serving spoon she'd been using to put the rice onto plates and turned to me, her eyes wide. "What?! How...."
I laughed. "What do you mean how? She just broke up with me and then left."
"And I think she might be seeing one of my friends," I said, knowing that deep down it was probably the truth. She wanted to be with Gavin.. it had been right in front of my eyes for weeks and I had just ignored it. To be left for him though? It was definitely not an ego booster. I mean, the guy was an who would just her and then move on. There was no way I was worse than that. 
"I am so confused right now..." She trailed off, walking over and sitting next to me, the rice completely forgotten at this point. I guess this was more interesting than eating. "I thought she was so in love with you and-"
"I told you Amelia, our relationship wasn't really what you thought it was."
"So tell me! Stop saying that and tell me what it really is then," She said. 
I sighed, not really sure how I could explain it... and if I should. Having a fake relationship, which in a number of words was what mine and Cara's relationship was, could be career suicide if it ever got out. And I liked Amelia, but I didn't know if I could really trust her. "I don't know if I can."
"Tom!!! Come on. You guys aren't even together anymore," She exclaimed, and I knew she was right. But still... I found myself doubtful. Would she even understand if I did tell her?
"My manage might not..." I started, still trying to figure out what exactly to do.
She raised her eyebrow. "Your manager... What does that have anything to do with your relationship with Carolyn??" 
"It can't get out... If I tell you."
She looked at me completely confused, and I figured that probably wasn't a good place to start. "What? Seriously? What is it?!"
I shrugged. “It was a publicity stunt…” I trailed off and she narrowed her eyes, so I knew I needed to explain it better, “Well, not exactly a publicity. I mean our agents set us up, it’s not like I didn’t like her, because I did, it’s just... we didn’t click and it was just boring. We had sex, it was like we were together, but it was missing something. We dated, but I wanted others… I really wanted you.” 
“So you guys have been fake dating?” 
I nodded. I definitely didn't think of her as a real relationship. I definitely wasn't in love with her. “Definitely. I mean I did like her, just not enough. It was kind of a blow to my ego, but it’s over now," I said with a shrug.
“Who’s the guy?” She asked me, and I felt that anger boil up again. I didn't need to have been in love with her to hate that she was with some guy who was going to use her and spit her out.
“Gavin Coopers.” 
She groaned, rolling her eyes. "Seriously?" I just nodded, trying to figure out why she seemed so disgusted. Most girls got weak at the knees with just the mention of Gavin's name. "God, I hate that guy."
"Hod do you know him?" I quirked a brow.
"He's my best friends sister. He hates me for no reason and makes it known, so I hate him back." Right, I forgot Amelia and Aria were sisters.
"I hate him too." I smirked. "We have something in common." I hadn't always hated him. I mean, at one point we were one in the same... but if he had used me to get closer to my girlfriend, just to her? I never wanted to see the a.sshole again.
She grinned. “I think we have a little more in common than just that. So, let’s not dwell on the sh*tty stuff and eat the food I made," She said, winking.
She filled both of our plates with food and handed me one. I smirked. "Thanks. So Netflix?"
She nodded. "Yep, I was going to watch movies. And drink." She winked. "Do you want a beer?" 
I nodded, “Sure, that sounds good.” She grabbed a beer for me and picked up her own wine glass, leading me into the living room as I added, "This is a nice place, by the way." 
She smiled. “Thanks…” We sat down, “By the way, I’m not going to tell anyone about you and Cara.”
"Thank you. It's not that I really care if people find out. It just doesn't look very good for either of us...." I trailed off, just hoping she'd understand. She was in the business, so hopefully she'd get it. If I could have gone back and just gone on just that one date with Carolyn and then moved on, I would have. I regretted a lot, and now I was just happy that we were over... even if all of our people hadn't been. At all. It had been rough breaking it to them, but when it came down to it none of them had a choice. 
She nodded, smiling once again. "I understand. So, what do you want to watch?" She asked me, turning on netflix as I took a bite of the rice. It was really good... really good.
I shrugged, my eyes falling down to her cleavage. Now that I had no reason to really feel guilty, I definitely couldn't help admiring her perfect body. She was so hot. "We can watch whatever you want. But, I have to share a secret with you first... I hate watching movies."
"What?! You're an actor!" She exclaimed, her eyes wide as she took a sip of wine.
I shrugged. After you spent so much time working on movie sets and seeing everything that happens behind the scenes, the product kind of loses its touch. "Which is exactly why. I make movies every day, I don't want to go home and watch them."
"Then you should have told me before, we don't have to watch a movie," She said, her eyes on mine. 
"I already intruded on your plans, I figured I'd suck it up for two hours," I said honestly. 
"I don't mind!" She exclaimed. "We can just do something else."
I grinned, swallowing my food before speaking. "Like what?"
She stayed quiet for a second, seeming to think. "I don't know."
I laughed. "Where are you from originally? I might as well get to know my co-star better." ...though all I want to do is kiss her, I added in my mind. I mean,, how could I not? She was sitting right beside me and the way her lips were pursed right now were practically calling to be kissed...
She grinned, as if she was surprised I was asking. "Really?"
"Do you have a better idea of what we could do?" I asked with a smirk, my mind more on kissing her than finding out more about her... even if I wanted to do that too.
She sighed. "New York, right in Manhattan. With my parents and sister until I was 12, then they divorced and Aria moved here with my father and stayed with my mom." She shrugged."
"They split you up?" I asked, not even able to imagine how horrible that would be. I didn't have any siblings but I could only imagine being split apart from them and losing both a sibling and a parent.
She shrugged. "No, they said that we had the choice of who to live with. Aria wanted to go with my father and I wanted to stay where my home was... We got into a fight over it and we split," She said, and it was clear that she was still sad about it.
"That sucks..." I said, frowning. 
She nodded. "It's not the best. I mean, I just now realized how much it really sucked being with out my sister when I saw her..."
"I can't imagine being without my sibling, if I had one, nonetheless a twin."
She grinned. "Until the divorce we were attached at the hip. We did everything together."
"So what brought you out here?" I asked curiously.
She sighed. "Partly, I wanted to see Aria... but I also came her to see if I could make it as an actor."
"And may I say you did," I said with a wink, making her laugh lightly. She was gorgeous when she laughed..
She lightly shoved me. "Can you be anymore cheesy?"
"I could try, but you might not like it," I said grinning and making her laugh even more.
“Well, thank you. I appreciate it. I knew I was that funny and sarcastic girl in those Judd Apatow-esq movies, but I want to be more now…” She trailed off and I was tempted to tell her that she was already so much more. She was an amazing actress.
“I feel you. I’m tired of being the sexy heartthrob lead in meaningless movies. I want to do more… I want to f*cking win an Oscar," I agreed with her. Some people joined the business only wanting the fame and girls and that status, but I wanted to be recognized for my work too.
She smiled, “You will. Don’t worry; you’re a pretty damn good actor. People are stupid if they think any less of you. So now that I have spilled some of my secrets you have to share yours. Tell me about your childhood.”
I shrugged, not really liking to talk about myself. "Um, I grew up in Santa Monica. My parents are divorced too, but I still see both of them and am pretty close to them. And I'm an only child. My life is pretty boring and normal."
"Right, because every person grows up to be a millionaire star who everyone knows," She said smirking and I laughed.
"That's not what I meant! I'm just saying, I'm not interesting. I want to hear more about you..." I trailed off, my eyes dropping down to her lips once again. All I wanted to do was kiss her.
She shrugged. "Like what?"
"Whatever," I said seriously. There was something about her and I couldn't pinpoint what it was, but I didn't care what we were talking about... I just liked spending time with her.
She fell silent, biting her lip as she looked like she was trying to think of something to say and suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore. I leaned forward on the couch, cupping her chin and kissing her once again, first softly but then harder as she seemed to melt into the kiss. It had definitely been a risk, since I wasn't really sure what she thought of me even despite knowing that my whole relationship with Carolyn was pretty much a scam. I had still lied. But from the way she was kissing me back, her tongue slipping into my mouth, it didn't seem like she was still mad. 
"Thomas..." She murmured against my lips before kissing me again. My hands slid around her petite waist and pulled her closer to me until she was sitting on my lap, our lips not leaving each other once. But she finally pulled away only seconds later. "Tom...."
"We cant do this," She said, shaking her head.
"Why not?!" Honestly, I couldn't think of one reason. We were both single and we were both attracted to each other. Kissing wasn't going to hurt us.
"Because!" She just exclaimed, giving no proper reason and I couldn't help but laugh.
My arms stayed wrapped loosely around her waist as I looked at her. "Give me a reason. Seriously."
"Well," She began, but paused before sighing. "I don't know."
"Then why are you fighting it?!" I asked seriously. "I like you a lot! And I know you like me, don't deny it. We have amazing chemistry and have from the beginning, so why are you stopping now?"
She swallowed. "Am I being a skank? By going after a guy that barely just broke up with his girlfriend? I know it was for publicity, but still! My work means a lot to me and I'd hate to be seen as the new Angelina!" She rambled, being totally adorable, actually. 
I pushed her hair back. "You didn't break Carolyn and I up. We were nothing even before you. It was just sex and..." I paused, trying to think about what else we were, but kind of failing, "Not much else and the sex was because we both needed it. When I met you that night I realized that Carolyn was just not for me."
"So I came in the picture and ruined things?" She said, pouting and totally ruining my focus on what she was saying. She was so f.cking adorable. And I never thought that about girls!! Ever! Hot, sexy... sure, but adorable?!
I pushed her hair back from her face. As distracting as she was, I didn't want her to feel guilty about our split. It wasn't her fault at all. "Do no. I swear... You were there and I don't know.... I was drawn to you. Honestly, I would never have gone over and hit on someone in public like I did with you…” I sighed, “I knew I was risking it, but I didn’t care…” 
“Tom…” She breathed out, putting her head down, her hair cascading over her face.
“I’m single… you’re single. I just don’t see the problem…” I told her seriously, grabbing her chin and pulling her head up until she was looking in my eyes. I kissed her softly once again, not able to resist myself.
She kissed me back, her body pressing into mine and I felt like I was going to die. I had wanted her for so long... it was insane to finally get her. And god, her kisses just felt so so good. I never wanted to stop. Once again though, Amelia pulled back and I groaned. "You're killing me... you can't keep stopping me."
She smirked. "Are you sure about this?"
I nodded, pulling her closer to kiss her plush lips softly once again. "I'm being serious when I say I like you."
"So...." She trailed off, and I didn't know what she wanted me to say. I really did like her... I didn't know where this was all going to lead us, but I knew I liked her. I wouldn't have taken such a risk with hitting on her that first night if I hadn't.
"So let me keep kissing you," I said, smirking and kissing her once again. 
She laughed, kissing me back before pulling away. "Is that all you want? To kiss me?"
I shrugged. "I don't know yet."
I smiled at her. "I want to take you out on a date." 
She looked up at me, a smile appearing on her own face. That was a good sign right? "Really?"
"Yeah... really."
"So before we get back to the kissing, we should discuss how were going to act in public..." She said slowly, and I almost had to resist a groan. All I wanted to do was keep kissing her. 
I raised my eyebrow. "How do you want to act?"
She just shrugged. "No matter what, the press is going to ask if we're dating... Do we just say we're co-starts? Or...." I had no idea what to say. I didn't really know what this was yet. What did she want me to say?
"We can say that, it's really whatever you want Amelia," I told her seriously, pushing her hair back from her gorgeous face.
"We can just tell them we're friends for now." She smiled. "Then after a while we can... tell them. If this progresses..." She smirked, making me grin. 
"Definitely." I kissed her again, harder this time.
“God, has anyone told you that you’re an amazing kisser," She breathed out against my lips. Me?! What about her? She was such an amazing kisser.
I smirked. "Maybe, but you're better."
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