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Skinny love//ed sheeran, or birdy, or bon iver they are all amazing versions.


AUGUST 16TH: Archery is today. Good luck, and make Team USA proud.

I looked in the mirror for the tenth time making sure I looked okay. "Are you sure I don't look stupid in heels?" I asked alaska. She was the only person I knew well enough to make her sit through me nerveously getting ready. 

"You look great it, it makes you legs look killer." She said smiling, "Hey have you told Tom about you know...." she twiddled her thumbs not looking at me.

I sighed folding one of my shirts that I had decided not to wear. "No, not yet and this isn't really a date." 

"Yeah, you got dressed up in heels for a friend." Alaska's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Okay, well I think he doesn't think it is a date." 

"Oh, please when I saw him at the diving match even when you were dragging him away he looked like a puppy following you." 

I smiled at the thought pulling out the jewlry that I brought, my outfit selection was very limited. I would have to go shopping if I went on another date-er I mean friendly dinner. My phone suddenly buzzed across the room, alaska picked it up and said "Its tyler..." I clenched up and just shook my head no. Alaska got the jist and pressed ignore.

"Do you still love him?" She asked sitting back down on my bed. 

"Who? Tyler? No, not really. I don't think I loved him for a long time. I just couldn't tell yet." I said looking down at my jewelry trying not to cry. I wouldn't cry over him anymore.

"Thats sad. I hope I'm never like that." I flinched at her words and mumbled some sort of complacent reply.

But before the dismal conversation could go on anymore there was a knock at the door. I gestured for Alaska to go hide as I went to get the door trying not to wobble. But it wasn't Tom, instead it was alaska's friend jess who I had never met.

"Um, Hello." I said letting out the breathe I had been holding in.

"Dang girl, you clean up nice." She said entering my room followed by some boy. "Is alaska here?"

"Yeah," I pointed towards the bathroom where alaska was hiding. But no one had any time to move because someone else knocked on the door. "Go go." I said pushing them towards the bathroom.

"Coming" I said straightening out my hair before answering. Tom was there with a million dollar smile on his face. Before I could even say anything he bent down (I was still shorter than him in towering heels) and kissed me on the cheek. I looked up at him startled but didn't say anything.

"Hello love, sorry I'm a little late." He said coming into my room "I need to use your bathroom really quick." he marched over to the bathroom door opening it before I could warn him.

Alaska, Jess, and still unknown boy all tumbled out practically falling over eachother. I put my hand over my face waiting to see what Tom said. But to my surprise he just smiled said hello and walked into the bathroom like nothing was wrong.

Alaska laughed and the rest of us joined in until we were all in tears. After the laughter died down they left thinking it was best not to stick around. 

When Tom came out of the bathroom we headed down stair. "Where are we going?" I asked. 

"Well since you are a tourist I am going to take you to touristy places I think. Have you seen the eye?" He asked


"Well I hope your not afraid of hights." He said with a laugh. Of course I wasn't, I jumped off a 10 M platform.

So we headed down to the london eye, which is much taller in person. Also the line looks much longer in person. 

"TOM!" A group of girls screamed rushing over to Tom, saying they loved him. I smirked, stepping back as more and more girls flocked around. Tom smiled, took pictures, and signed things for a while before saying "Sorry girls, I am actually on a date so it would be rude to leave her hanging." he gently made his way through the girls.

"Sorry, now we can go." He said grabbing my hand, walking past the line to the front. Where they let us in the next available car.

"Wow, so your a big deal" smiling getting in the car.

"Nah, just during the olympics." he said running his hand through his hair. He stepped closer to me, tenatively wrapping his arms around my waist. He looked at me as if to ask 'is this okay?'

Was it okay? I mean shouldn't I still feel grief over Tyler? Shouldn't I not want to be with anyone else? But that was the odd thing, at that moment I didn't want anything more than I wanted Tom. I nodded to him wrapping my arms around his neck pulling his face towards mine. His lips brushed mine gently, but I didn't want gentle right now, I was tired of people treating me like i was fragile. I pulled him closer to me hard, pressing my body against his. He was startled but kissed me with an intesity that left me breathless. I ran my hand through is hair as he backed me up against the glass wall of the car. Tom pulled back breathing heavily smiling at me, as the car came to a stop.

I fixed my hair the best I could and thanked the stars I had decided against lip stick. Tom grabbed my hand as we stepped out of the cart and wandered off towards the pier.

"Do you want to-" Tom began, but I never heard the end of that question because he was interuppted by a yell.

"Cleo?" I turned immeadiately to see my husband, my stomach churned I felt as though I might vomit. Tyler marched towards us with a look of murder in his eyes. I shrank back looking at the ground.

"Cleo, who's he?" Tom asked noticing my behaivior.

"I'm her husband and she is coming in with me." Tyler said grabbing my wrist. "I can't believe you, you sl-t going off with this guy. What did you think we weren't together anymore? No, I own you." He slurred i could smell the slight sent of alchohal in his breath and cringed. There was nothing I was more scarred of than when Tyler was drunk.

"Cleo is that true? Is he really your husband?" Tom said looking hurt.

"It is complicated but techinically yes." I said wanting to explain more but tyler interupted.
"Come on b-tch, we're leaving. Now." He said trying to grab my hand again but I stepped out of his reach. He looked at me with a blind fury, then he brought his hand up and slapped me. The force sent me to the ground, partly because of my heels. But as I brought my hand up to my face I realized one of his rings had cut my face.

I looked up to tell tyler off, but Tyler was already on the ground his lip bloody and eyes shut. "Is he dead?" I asked my eyes wide. Tom smiled offering me a hand "unfortunately only unconcious." I took his hand then before he could run away wrapped my arms around his waist. He stroked my hair and to my embarassment I started crying. We stood there for a while, me crying, tom probably wishing he was anywhere but with me. When I stopped crying I detatched myself from him, wiping my eyes before walking away without saying anything. There was a tiny part of me hoping that he would yell after me and sweep me off my feet and tell me everything would be okay, but as i walked away the only sounds I could here were the sound of the harsh ocean.

-what what for actually having a story done when the set is published. included: @five-hundred-days-of-penny and @sky-rocketer -
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