-ahh maybe last net in wt2012, I am so glad I decided to tryout! I can't believe I almost didn't. This is about as active as I have ever been in a rp! Which is crazy, so thank you guys for letting me play cleo-

AUGUST 26TH: It’s been a long few weeks, hasn’t it? The plane ride home is your time to relax, unwind, and say goodbye to the friends you’ve made during these games. Congratulations on your achievements, athletes

I stood in the airport my bags in tow. Everyone was smiling and saying goodbye to friends they were leaving behind and talking with the ones they were going back to the states with. I sighed, my Olympic experience was nothing like planned: I didn't get a meda, I had faxed my divorce papers yesterday, and I had met tom. No these olympics weren't what I expected. But I wouldn't change a thing.

I felt tom's steady hand in mine. I kept giving me side glances, so much had happened since the club. We had actually gone on a date, which had resulted in Tom spilling his food on himself and skinny dipping in the olympic pool. We had avoided talking about me going back to America. We both knew I had to, I had my kids (which Tom was shocked to hear about but he got over it saying he loved kids) and resbonsibility back home. And Tom was 19, he had a life to live, and I figured by how he didn't mention it he didn't want that to include me.

I slowly walked towards the group of Americans getting ready to board the plane. I stopped near the terminal facing Tom. I braced myself for the worst. 

"Goodbye Tom." I said looking up at his face that always had a faint smile on it. I wish mine would do that, I probably had a permanent mask of stress and confusion after these past two weeks. Tom was looking down at me with a glint in his eyes that I couldn't make out. I stood on my tip toes kissing him on the cheek trying to take him in so i wouldn't forget. I stood there for a moment later waiting for him to say something. But his eyes just kept searching mine for a while before he said something so quietly I almost didn't hear him. "Stay with me." 

I looked at him trying to make sense of what he was saying. "I can't, you know I can't. I have to go back."

"We could make it work, people make it work all the time." Tom said his voice rising almost as if this was an arguement.

"Tom, we both know long distance wouldn't work. At least not for long." I said tears welling up in my eyes from frustration. I wanted to hit something or just do something to make this work. "Flight 601 to New York, New York now boarding." Blared over the fuzzy intercom.

Tom grabbed my hands pulling me away from the Americans rushing to board. He leaned in resting his forehead on mine meeting my eyes with intensity. "Cleo, Please. We have to try to make this work, I know you think I am so much younger than you but that doesn't matter. I need you to stay with me, please don't leave. I have never felt this way." He said laughing "I know that sounds cheesy. I'm not sure how this will turn out but I just need to be with you. That is the only thing I know right now. Please, I am begging." He said, I could see tears shining in his eyes. "You don't have to go, just stay with me. I-I love you Cleo."

I stood there stunned my head reeling. "I-" I stuttered. "Final call for flight 601 to New York, New York."

"I have to go." I said deciding. I couldn't leave my kids, I had to think of them. I closed my eyes turning around and letting my body go to auto pilot. I heard Tom calling something at me but my heart was beating to hard for me to hear. I could feel the tears flowing freely down my face as I handed my ticket to the attendant who gave me a weird look. I didn't care, I was leaving London back to Oklahoma without something much more important than any medal.

-....don't really have anything to say.-
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