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AUGUST 15TH: Tonight, Jess has decided that we’re all going swimming in the hotel pool to cool off and hang out. Hopefully, you packed your bathing suit!

"Oh, I see micheal. Well nice talking to you Cleo, hope your okay." She said leaving to find her dolphin man. 'Hope your okay' that had become my customary end statment, that was just sad.

"You are in trouble." Tom said trying to make a stern face (it wasn't working he looked like a mad puppy) I laughed and asked why.

"Because you left the diving areana without giving me your phone number. How exactly was I supposed to tell you when we were going out to dinner? I guess I could have come to your room but that would be a little creepy." He said mulling it over. "Anyway, we will go tomorrow and I will pick you up at 8."

"I suppose I have no choice in the matter?" I chuckled.

"Nope not really, nothing can stop me." He said

I laughed and said okay. I don't know why, I shouldn't be I techinically wasn't even divorced yet (I would be fixing that as soon as I got home) but Tom seemed to lift the weight off my shoulders I could actually be a 22 year old instead of a stay at home mom with a broken marriage.

"Okay, lover boy, I'll see you at eight."

-super short but whatevs, included @sophiaspastic-
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