all of the lights//kanye west


AUGUST 19TH: We’re about halfway through the Olympics, so in celebration, tonight we’re going out to the clubs. Don’t get too crazy since some of us still have to compete, but have fun and let loose.

I looked at the sea of bodies from my stool on the bar. People from all different countries dancing slutilyy together, how inspiring. I had never been much of a club person, never had the time. As i watched the crowd I realized just how much of a wet blanket I had become. I sighed, turning back around to the bar chugging my pint down as fast as I could.

"Want another?" The bar keeper said.

"Yes but something ,anything, harder please?" I said looking at the array of drink selections.

The bar tender laughed as went to get my drink. coming back with a whole bottle of clear liquid without a lable. "Can you handle this? Homemade." He said, god what kind of person did he think I was. Even though I didn't think I could I nodded taking the bottle and shot glass.

"Woah looks like someones having a good time." Alaska said coming from behind me.

"Just drinking away my sorrows, about time if you ask me." I said pouring another shot, I offered alaska some but she declined. "Suit yourself." I threw back my second glass, wincing as it burned down my throat. 

Alaska laughed walking off to find her boyfriend. Everyone had a boyfriend, and I was a recent divorcee (well not technically, but in my mind I was already divorced) and Tom hated me. He hadn't spoken to me since the Tyler incident. I had tried to text him but he never answered back. I sighed heavily pouring yet another shot glass.

"Throwing them back I see, wouldn't be because you missed me would it?" A gentlemans voice said sliding in next to me. It was Tom smiling at me like he hadn't been ignoring me for the past few days.

"Piss off" I slurred about to pour another one. "Probably enough of that, we don't want you to die now." Tom said taking the bottle from my hands.

"I've only had six! Or was it seven? I don't know that isn't the point." I turned my back to him heading towards the grinding crowd. I pushed my way into the moving bodies trying to remember how to dance, which wasn't easy when you were getting more intoxicated by the second. Some guy came up to my speaking in italian accent and wrapping his hands around my hips from behind. I smiled finally getting into the music, but my fun was interrupted by tom. again.

He shoved the other guy off of me grabbing my hand. I tried to pull away but he just wrapped her hands around my waist towing me behind him. I groaned having nothing to do but let him pull me out of the dancing crowd. But he didn't stop at that, we left the club and he quickly flagged down a cab.

"We are going back to the hotel." he said trying to usher me into a cab I stepped back.

"Who the h-ll said that you could talk to me like that. I want to go dance, f-ck I want to go drink and I want someone who doesn't treat me like sh-t." I said backing up.

Tom looked at me confused. "What are you talking about?"

"You didn't text me, you didn't call me. You didn't stay with me. Do you think I am okay? Do you think that I'll be fine? I'm not fine Tom! I'm just not!" I said crying I wiped my eyes angrily, I was tired of crying. "I just want to be okay.."

Tom came forward trying not to set me off, so instead I ran towards him wrapping my arms around his waist. "Can you just take me home?"

"Of course, listen cleo-" he started.

"No. Don't speak, I haven't forgiven you but I need to go home."

-wahhhhhh first day of school, not fun not fun at all included @five-hundred-days-of-penny )
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
this is perfection omfg



pearls, rosettes, + marie antoinette.

pearls, rosettes, + marie antoinette.

hello lovely people of polyvore.
this *fashion* group is for you if you believe that marie antoinette is simply a goddess, you adore roses and the romanticism behind them, and you just love anything that involves pearls. it is also for you if you secretly dream of magic and fairytales, you are still a little kid at heart, and you like to think that you put a bit of yourself into every set you make on polyvore.
if this sounds like you, then join. :)
est. february 7, 2010

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

virgins, persians, & make-believe excursions

Hello there ◕ ‿◕
This is a whimsical group made by deux filles lunatique, @hermionejane and @glitterinmyveins, (aka two whimsical girls.)
We want your best indie, whimsical, dreamy, magical and sparkly sets. We hope you join ;)

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