I totally tried out for the Disney College Program and got in... but couldn't go because of uni ;____; So I'll live my dream through this RP, bear with me <3

♪ | Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine (omg the use of this song in Revenge was so perf)

Name: January Rose Miller
Nicknames: Jan, Rose
Age: 19
Birthday: January 15 
Where from: Las Vegas, Nevada
Job: Here are my three choices, just in case:
1. Ride operator for The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror
2. Character Escort
3. Photopass photographer

School: School? What school?
Likes: Disney, ribbons, glitter, parades, face characters, her job
Dislikes: Mean customers, cursing, tattoos, needles, shoes that are too small
Appearance: She's a squeaky clean girl who loves dresses, wearing bows in her hair and all those things that Disney movies have. She hates tattoos and piercings (doesn't have any, not even her ears pierced) 'cause she's afraid of needles. Instead, if she wants to wear earrings, she uses those clip on ones.
Style: She looks like a real-life Disney cartoon even when she's not working. That's just how January is: a child at heart.
Relationships: Hopelessly crushing on the Aladdin face character
Words that describe you: Hard working, sweet, gentle, nice, smart
Life goals: To get a permanent job at Disney, then work for Pixar.
Bio: January is sickeningly sweet. She's the type of girl that was made for Disney: she always listen to the customers, takes their picture if they ask her to and always finds a way to make them smile. Her only problem is that she's leaving college on hiatus to focus on Disneyland and her parents are not happy about it. She might even get thrown out of the house, but she doesn't care 'cause she's working in the only place that matters to her, the one where dreams come true.
Model: Ginta Lapina
Favorite foods: Rotisserie chicken, pineapple whip float, pretzels, bacon cheddar popcorn, anything sweet
Favorite movies/tv shows: Anything with The Muppets, Mary Poppins, The Lion King, Roman Holiday, Tangled, The Twilight Zone, Monster's Inc.
Favorite bands/artists: Bon Iver, Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Foster the People 
Favorite Disney character: The aliens from Toy Story, Timon and Pumbaa, Princess Belle
Icon: Mary Poppins
Audition Questions:
-Tell us a little about yourself. What you do every day, your past, things you do for fun, etc.

Hi! I'm Jan. My daily routine consists on getting up really early to go to work, apply ghostly makeup and get ready to spook people out while they wait in line for Tower of Terror. I love my job and don't mind working overtime, especially since everyone is so nice over there! I really have a blast being a deadly bell hopper. Back home I used to be a straight-As student, the best in my class... but I have bigger dreams, that don't necessarily include going to college. Hey, I'll finally get my B.A. (since I'm enrolling online)... but I hope to land a permanent job for Disney, then I'll aim for Pixar.

I honestly spend almost all my spare time here at the park. The only people I know work here. But there's one thing I don't mind at all: being miles away from home. California is a blast! I don't think I could ever go back. Whenever I'm not at the park, you can find me in my apartment, working on a digital animated short in my computer.

-What brings you to Anaheim, California?

Disneyland! I wanted to work in Disney World, but Disneyland is so cozy and everyone is so sweet here. This feels like home. Plus, the weather is great! I'm even getting tanned!

-Why do you want to work for Disney? 

I'm a good ol' Disney hardcore fan. Like almost 75% of the people that work here, Disney was an important part of my childhood. This is such a great opportunity and I've got my eyes set on working one of these days for their animation department. Maybe even transfer to Pixar, hint hint.

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