Hello everyone! This set is very random. :) Hmm, Taylor Momsen was totally pretty a while ago, but she kind of scares me now. Maybe that's just me. I'm reading two books right now that completely contradict each other: Wuthering Heights and Runaway, the last book in the "Airhead" trilogy. I know. 
It's been a lovely Summer so far for me, what about you? :) Recently it's been STEAMING outside which is weird because it's only June! 
I was just looking at some sets from a roleplay which is ending called "Thames High School for Girls" and what was weird is it actually made me sad because everyone in it seemed to have had a lovely time the year it has been around and now it's ending. I never was a part of it (well obviously because I only joined about a week ago!) but it seems like it would have been such a fun ride for everyone who was in it! :) Hahah I know that was utterly random but I just had to share that! Did you know there is a word in German which means nostalgia of something you haven't experienced? Yeah, that's kinda what I felt like! I forget what the word was though... I read it in the New York Times I think. I think that would be a good word because that occurs to people quite a few times! 
I have recently been watching "Pretty Little Liars" as you can probably see by the numerous related pictures and song in this set! I actually kind of like it, you should check it out! But I'm usually not really in to that kind of stuff and I don't watch much TV at all. I watch some Gossip Girl (and the World Cup!) but that's pretty much it. The Pretty Liars opening theme song is so stuck in my head so I decided to include it in my set, sorry! :) I really like all different eras of music and some modern. Kay, now I'm just jabbering. 
OH and sorry to my fellow PANY friends, because I'm always posting a set the day after the event and I'm going to have to publish my 4th of July one tomorrow so you'll have to wait to see who the mystery guy is heehee! :D
Happy 4th of July! :)

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