tuesday - parent's week;
[part two]

I banged on the door so hard it made my hand hurt.
Aaron pulled the door open, his eyebrow c.cked either from amusement or annoyance.
“I’m going to f.cking kill your ex.” I said under my breath as I sat down on his bed.
Now that I was no longer breathing in her polluted air, I felt better. Much better.
I started to take off my shirt, it was time for Aaron to distract me. God he looked good.
“What are you doing?” He asked his eyebrow quirked. 
“Stripping.” I grinned wickedly as he helped pull my shirt over my head. 
He dropped his hands, staring at me like I’d just done something really, really bad. “F.ck Nadia what the hell did you do?!?” 
I looked up at him with wide eyes, “Well…I was trying to fool around, but clearly that’s…bad.” I murmured, totally confused.
He shook his head, “No Nad, you reek of weed! I didn’t even know you smoked weed.” 
I started laughing. 
“I don’t. But your ex does. In our room. A lot.” 
His eyes widened. “Kira doesn’t smoke pot.” 
“Well she f.cking does now…” I muttered.
He just stared at me, “Why?” 
I looked away; suddenly telling him about Kira’s condition didn’t seem like the best idea…Maybe I should just change the subject or distract him or...
“Nad what’s up?” He pressed.
I looked up at him. I trusted him, more than anyone and really what’s the worst that could happen?
I and ran my fingers through my hair, “Kira’s bi-polar.” 

I sipped my iced tea, waiting for my mother who was fifteen minutes late as per usual.
“That drink better not be from Long Island…”
I turned my head “Dad?!”
“Hey Princess,” He replied breezily as he sat down across from me.
I swallowed, “What are you doing here?”
Didn’t he have like fifty million meetings to attend?
The waiter came over and he briskly ordered a drink. “Heavy on the rum, light on the coke” He instructed.
“Dad?” I asked again, I was getting impatient and fast. “Where’s Elizabeth?”
“Don’t call your mother that, and she’s not coming. She insisted that we spend some time together alone.”
I laughed, “Why? What’s in it for her…?”
He leant forward rolling the salt shaker between his hands. “She said we needed to stage some sort of intervention.”
I scoffed, “For what!”
He shrugged, “She thinks that you’re heading in the wrong direction,”
I laughed, “Wrong direction...Is this about Aaron?”
“Nadia Rae Garry,” He sighed, “Don’t jump to conclusions. Your mother only had nice things to say about your new boyfriend. Who I will be giving the third degree by the way,”
I crossed my arms over my chest, “Did the psycho b.tch tell you that she tried to f.ck him while I was upstairs?”
“Language…” He said shaking his head, but I knew that those weren’t the words that got to him “You shouldn’t be so hard on her Nad; she’s doing the best she can.”
I laughed, “Right…”
He stood up and hugged me finally. 
“Look, can we just enjoy this time together and leave my psychotic ex wife out of it?” He asked as he sat back down.
I c.cked my eyebrow at him.
He smirked. “Your words not mine, now when do I get to meet Aaron?"
I smiled, impressed that he was taking an interest. "Soon,"
He nodded, "Good, because I need to decide if he's good enough for my little girl."
I rolled my eyes, "I'm not that little anymore and trust me. He is."
"We'll see," He grinned at me. 
If he wasn't my father, I would have been scared sh.tless of him, I suddenly felt really bad for Aaron.
"Just please be nice, and don't look at him like that."
He smiled, "Like what?"
"Like that!" I exclaimed, as he stared back at me. I shook my head,"I'm going to end up alone, because you look like a serial killer."
He smirked, "I've missed you too Princess."
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Wrote 6 years ago
that's how excited i am :)

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
hmm once you start i won't be so speechless...

Wrote 6 years ago
Already? I haven't started yet!



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