August 3rd; Dumbledore's Army isn't wasting any time. There will be an informational meeting outside of Florean Flortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, so bring money for ice cream


Not really sure what to write for this. But hey! I’m writing it anyway.


I stood outside of Florean Flortescue's Ice Cream Parlor waiting for the meeting to begin. I’m pleasantly surprised with the amount of first years that are joining Dumbledore’s Army. We need first years learning the ropes because soon they will be the seventh years leading everyone. Before the meeting started we decided to get some ice cream. There was something new so I decided to try it, a Butterbeer Shake. Some other people got ice cream and then Monica and Alaric showed up. The information was directed to the first years about the history of Dumbledore’s Army and what the importance of it is. After a while I zoned out because of this being the seventh time hearing this story. 


I focused again when Monica asked the seventh years to introduce themselves. I stood up first.

 “ Hey everyone! I’m Poppy Eastwood, and I am a seventh year Hufflepuff. I am also the Keeper on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. If you ever have any questions just ask! “ I said breathlessly and sat down in my seat. 

Everyone else had introduced himself or herself but then Evan Parker stood up to introduce himself.

 “ Hey guys, I’m Evan Parker, and am also a seventh year Hufflepuff. I am one of the Beaters on the Quidditch team. If any of you guys mainly joined this group because the girl you like is in it, I did the same thing.” Evan quickly sat down and got a little red. I looked at him nervously because I’m sure my face was red too. I really hoped that girl was me. I looked at him and he was already looking at me, I smiled at him and his face got even redder. I got a feeling that that meant he was talking about me. 

After Mr. Potter dismissed us I hurried over to Evan. 

 “ Hey Evan, “ I said smiling nervously and looking into his big blue eyes. 

 “ Hey Poppy, How are you? “ His eyes shifted down to look at me. I noticed that his smile grew as he said my name. I found this unbelievable adorable. 

 “ I’m great! How are you?” I could tell he was trying to figure out what was the perfect thing to say to me. After of minute he answered. 

 “ Good, better now that I’m with you. “ he looked down he see my reaction to what he said. Of course I had a wide, toothy, smile; I mean come on that’s adorable. 

 “ Aww, thanks, “ Of course I had to saw aww, that’s a hint at me liking him.

 “ Ok, I’m just going to come straight out and say this, when I was talking about joining DA because the girl I like is in it I was talking about you.” He said rapidly and then hid his face a little bit.

 “ Well, if your admitting stuff then I will too, I’ve liked you since the first day at Hogwarts. You were the reason I wanted to be a Hufflepuff.” Not feeling ashamed I looked up at him. 

 “ I have too, “ He said showing some excitement. 

We had been walking for a while and finally got back to the Leaky Cauldron. It was awkward when we got here. No one really knew what to say to each other. We had both laid out on the table the fact we liked each other. But now it just depended on who decided to take the next step forward. It wasn’t going to be me, I’m not the man in this relationship and if he wants to be with me he will ask me out or ask to see me again soon. But his time was running out because we were on the level of stairs right below my floor. 

 “ I was hoping we could go on a date sometime. Possibly the seventh, the day of the Hufflepuff picnic.” He said with tension in his voice. 

 “ I would love that!” We were at my floor already so I had to go.

 “ Well, I’ll see you then.” He wrapped one arm around me and then the other, giving me a long hug deserved hug. 

 “ Bye Evan, “ I said looking up at him and smiling. 

We were outside of my door now; he let go of the hug and watched me open my door.

He smiled back and said “ Bye Poppy, I’ll miss you.”

I closed my door and jumped onto my bed, finally everything is perfect. I had been waiting for this for so long. It was time to tell Sam and Claire the big news.
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