WWRS: make a set with an assigned item. inspire the color scheme off that item.
The item I got is what makes up the water that I cropped, the picture of the boy jumping off a cliff. There's lots of blue and grey in the picture, when made me choose to do the grey in the skyish bit on the let. Hopefully that works, right? I wouldn't have done grey otherwise, but I think it's rather nice.

BOTA: make a set with your assigned princess and picture.
I got Ariel, who I loved as a little kid, mainly because we both had red hair and red hair is cool. I the picture I got is the one of cupcakes and stuff, and I thought it would be kind of neat to make it her line of sight, because she's all princessy and the cupcakes look kind of princessy and yeah. (:

1) Do you like the challenges where you make a normal set, or do you like the "create" sets? 
I like the "create" sets, but it's difficult sometimes to do what I want. With regular cropping sets, I feel like there's less freedom, but at the same time it will turn out looking nicer in the end. They're both enjoyable though, and the "create" sets let me do something different every now and again.

2) What would you like R5 to be about?
Round Five should be all about your birthstone or zodiac sign or something. Or both. That would be wicked cool.

BOTB: make a rainbow set! Very colorful with 4+ colors.
Well, this set has:
-hints of green
-sparkly whatever cupcake color
It's not exactly rainbow, but it's colorful and fun so I hope it counts!
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