Name: Gwen Miller
Age: 24
Location: Los Angeles
Bio: Gwen grew up the awkward, picked on girl in a small school in the midwest. While other girls were chasing guys, she was getting ready to chase her dream of moving out of town and starting a life away from those people. So instead of building relationships, she built a personality. And a few others to plop into stories. As soon as graduation ended, she listened to her last taunts and rumors and headed for the open road and the bright (albeit smoggy) sky of L.A.. 
Gwen attended UCLA for four blissful years before graduating with her BA in film and humanities. She always thought she was the problem, but college gave her friends. And experiences. And a boy or two. After two years working retail trying to pay her rent, Gwen finally got her foot in the door doing the online movie beat for a major publication.
Character Traits: Always believing herself to be ugly, awkward, and imperfect, Gwen has a bit of a complex about her looks. Since she has been pretty much single for the past 24 years (*except for her current boyfriend, who is her first real relationship), Gwen knows what she wants and how easy it is to get it when alone. She misses the way her boyfriend makes her feel and how much better of a person she is when around him. However, temptation is constantly calling her to be self-sufficient. Gwen has always had a tendency to let people go when she feels she's not enough, and she worries that this will happen with her love in Paris. She is quirky, humorous, and full of an electric passion for the things and people she loves. Her biggest downfall is her insecurity and preoccupation with being perfect.
Passions: movies!, writing (she's quite good at it, and knows it, too).
Occupation: Currently, working the film beat for a magazine. Hopefully, one day soon she'll be a film critic.
Anything else?: Not a fan of douche-bags, a**holes, or insensitive jerks, Gwen has high standards- but worth it for her perfect match.
Model: Karen Gillian
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