Wylla Manderly

Granddaughter of Wyman Manderly, Lord of White Harbor. Second daughter of Ser Wylis Manderly and Leona Woolfield. Sister of Wynafryd Manderly.
“Wylla.” Lord Wyman smiled. “Did you see how brave she was? Even when I threatened to have her tongue out, she reminded me of the debt White Harbor owes to the Starks of Winterfell, a debt that can never be repaid. Wylla spoke from the heart, as did Lady Leona. Forgive her if you can, My Lord. She is a foolish, frightened woman, and Wylis is her lif. Not every man has it in him to be Prince Aemon The Dragonknight or Symeon Star-Eyes, and not every woman can be as brave as my Wylla.”

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