Wynnyn Hylllarie Goldens

Name; Wynnyn Hyllarie Goldens (WIN - IN) (HILL - AR- Y)
Age; S x t e e n.
Clique; Preps
Looks; {{See Colection}}
Bio; Wynnyn has lived a charming life. She's pretty and she's happy on the outside, but on the inside, she's in inner turmoil, completely annoyed and afraid with the concept of life. What will happen when she goes to this Academy?
Personality; Wynnyn is easy to get along with, but she gets very mean sometimes, expescially when someone annoys her greatly/does anything rude to her friends.
Secret; Wynnyn's afraid. Her father's gone missing and her mother is truly starting scare her by her rapidly-chaning personality. Will she find her father?
Other; N o t h i n g.

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