Name: Rumor Wilke
Age: 19 
Hometown: Austin, TX
Past Pageants: Little Miss Cowgirl...
Interests: Wolves and the conservation there of, space, native American sh/it, turquoise jewelry, photography, the western zodiac, marijuana, chillin’, reading people. 
Three words that describe you: Indie, Original, Intuitive
Tell us a little more about yourself: Rumor isn’t really sure why she was invited to be in a pageant on a tropical island, as she’d rather forget about that one time her parents put her through that, but, hell, it beats being in Texas. Art school drop out and part-time drug pusher, Rumor has just been trying to go with the flow ever since leaving her home to share an apartment with four other girls. She’s very confused about what she’s doing with her life, and she doesn’t really care right now. Outwardly, she’s a pretty generic hipster kid with a tumblr and a love for camping in the desert and getting really high with people she barely knows. But Rumor is at a war with herself, and she doesn’t even know it. Terrified of growing up, yet terrified of moving on, Rumor signed on with the competition to replace the rest-stop of life college should have been. Maybe she’ll learn from the experience, maybe she’ll find out just where she needs to go. Maybe she’ll have a hot summer fling and several black-out nights. Or maybe she’ll die trying. Either way, Rumor is the one who’s documenting all of it on her Cannon camera and her old Polaroid, and as long as there’s a safety lens between her and reality, and a little blurring along the edges, she’ll be fine.
Power Animal: Parrot


Who'd think that a laid back girl like Rumor would ever be interested in pageants? That was the question everyone asked themselves when she announced she had applied for the Miss Tropicana contest. Rumor actually competed in 'Little Miss Cowgirl' when she was a kid but always avoided talking about that with others. Lately she had been thinking on whether to join another pageant or not. She dreaded the idea of acting all cheery and fake but it sure as he.ll beat the other option: growing up and going to college. She'd probably end up working with the family anyways, so why would she even bother to go to college? Plus art school wasn't as fun as she thought it would be. It was demanding and she couldn't even express herself without getting a warning from her teachers. 

The idea of being able to leave Texas was highly attractive, especially since Pielea sounded pretty much like heaven. She'd get to play dress-up and mingle with other equally fake females and get the all star treatment for free, all expenses paid! As soon as Rumor received the letter, she packed everything she owned (hoping to never come back home) and took a lift to the airport.

Of course, she'd miss her friends—the ones who'd party hard and get high with her—but as long as she had her camera, nothing else mattered to her. 

Playlist: (...I'm not a hipster so this list is kind of invalid for the character D: )
Iggy Azalea – Treasure Island
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
Kanye West – Flashing Lights
Ke$ha – Butterscotch
Lykke Li – Get Some
MGMT – Electric Feel
Queen – The Shoe Must Go On
The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

Top 3 Character Choices: Rumor, Serena, Nanette



So, I really chose Rumor because of Tallulah :3
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