Song of the Day: Gonna Be On Top
Tiian Williams (Australia's Next Top Model Song)
Highlight of the Day: Maths (read for more info)
Worst Thing: Getting Soaked on My Way Home

Fun day today! In P.E we started playing softball. I thought i would suck but apparently i wasn't that bad cause i could catch! I didn't have history today. We had some sort of Motivationa Production. So funny. Wasn't very productional. I sat there and made smart as* remarks the whole time with Emma an Renee. Guys behind me got into trouble for chewing gum, while clearly me and my friends were the distruptive ones!
Woodwork was good cause i finished my spice rack! I got 33/40 :) so i was happy.
Maths was boring. Everyone gets into trouble but me and Renee. We do what we want cause we are the smart ones!
Way home started raining on the bus just before my stop. Looked or my umbrella, but i was already wet. My skirt got soaked and my stockings. Infact, the whole lower half of me did.
My day :)

Peace, Love, Twilight. xoxo -K
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