The xx - Coexist LP + MP3
  • Fun. - Some Nights LP + CD
    The band's 2nd album, an evolution of robust melodies & hip-hop elements. Diverse inspirations (indie pop, theatric rock) make for irresistible pop song-craft. Inspired arrangements & rich lyrics round out the mix. Imported. Fueled By Ramen, 2012. LP + CD. Tracklisting: 1. Some Nights Intro. 2. Some Nights. 3. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) 4. Carry On. 5. It Gets Better. 6. Why Am I the One. 7. All Alone. 8. All Alright. 9. One Foot. 10. Stars. 11. Out on the Town (Bonus Track)
  • Pink Floyd - The Wall 2xLP + MP3
    Remastered version of Pink Floyd's 11th album, originally released in 1979. Reproduced here on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. Encased in a reproduction of the original packaging. Comes complete with a download code. Imported. Capitol, 2012. 2xLP + MP3. Tracklisting: Disc 1. 1. In The Flesh? 2. The Thin Ice. 3. Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 1. 4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives. 5. Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2. 6. Mother. 7. Goodbye Blue Sky. 8. Empty Spaces. 9. Young Lust. 10. One Of My Turns. 11. Don't Leave Me Now. 12. Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 3. 13. Goodbye Cruel World. Disc 2. 1. Hey You. 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home. 4. Vera. 5. Bring The Boys Back Home. 6. Comfortably Numb. 7. The Show Must Go On. 8. In The Flesh. 9. Run Like Hell. 10. Waiting For The Worms. 11. Stop. 12. The Trial. 13. Outside The Wall.
  • Nirvana - Bleach LP
    The LP re-release of 1989's Bleach. A remastered reminder that the band was awesome before Nevermind. Available here on vinyl, complete with a printed inner sleeve. Sub Pop, 2011.
  • Black Keys - El Camino LP+CD
    Vinyl album, complete with a CD version & fold-out poster. Exhilarating, upbeat & addictive songs produced for stadium-sized sound. Filled with a blitz of pre-punk influences made modern. Imported. Nonesuch, 2011. LP+CD. Tracklisting: 1. Lonely Boy. 2. Dead and Gone. 3. Gold On the Ceiling. 4. Little Black Submarines. 5. Money Maker. 6. Run Right Back. 7. Sister. 8. Hell of a Season. 9. Stop Stop. 10. Nova Baby. 11. Mind Eraser.
  • Ellie Goulding - Halycon LP
    Ellie Goulding's sophomore album, the follow-up to Lights. Recorded in a converted barn in West England's Hay Valley. Described by the artist as a "journey from dark into light...". Interscope, 2012.
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  • Bauhaus - In The Flat Field LP
    A remaster of the debut album from one of the goth genre's founding bands. Moody, desperate, mysterious & legendary tracks that stand the test of time. 4AD, 2013. Tracklisting: 1. Double Dare. 2. In the Flat Field. 3. God in an Alcove. 4. Dive. 5. Spy in the Cab. 6. Small Talk Stinks. 7. St. Vitus Dance. 8. Stigmata Martyr. 9. Nerves.
  • Quotes Young Justice Failsafe Young Justice/ Teen Titans
    Quotes: Young Justice: Failsafe
  • The Black Keys - Brothers 2xLP and CD
    Made in the USA. Nonesuch Records / 2010. Recorded at Alabama's legendary Muscle Shoals studio, Brothers is the 6th album from The Black Keys and some say their best yet. Focused and soulful, these tracks are inventive and impassioned, full of lyrical candor and a little dark humor, tempered with blues-tinged rumination. Available here on vinyl, complete with a CD version of the album and an oversized poster. Tracklisting: 1. Everlasting Light. 2. Next Girl. 3. Tighten Up. 4. Howlin' For You. 5. She's Long Gone. 6. Black Mud. 7. The Only One. 8. Too Afraid To Love. 9. Ten Cent Pistol. 10. Sinister Kid. 11. The Go Getter. 12. I'm Not The One. 13. Unknown Brother. 14. Never Gonna Give You Up. 15. These Days.
  • The Beatles - Live At The BBC 3XLP
    A triple LP of Beatles material originally broadcast on assorted BBC programs between 1963 and 1965. Includes 56 songs, plus 13 tracks of dialogue. Remastered, these are essentially live in-studio performances, reflecting where the band was sonically just before Beatlemania hit. 2013, Capitol. TRACKLISTING Disc 1. 1. Beatle Greetings. 2. From Us To You. 3. Riding On a Bus. 4. I Got A Woman. 5. Too Much Monkey Business. 6. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby. 7. I'll Be On My Way. 8. Young Blood. 9. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues. 10. Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 11. Some Other Guy. 12. Thank You Girl. 13. Sha La La La La! 14. Baby It's You. 15. That's All Right (Mama) 16. Carol. 17. What Is It, George? 18. Soldier Of Love. 19. A Little Rhyme. 20. Clarabella. 21. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 22. Crying, Waiting, Hoping. 23. Dear Wack! 24. You Really Got A Hold On Me. Disc 2. 1. To Know Her Is To Lover Her. 2. A Taste Of Honey. 3. Long Tall Sally. 4. I Saw Her Standing There. 5. The Honeymoon Song. 6. Johnny B. Goode. 7. Memphis, Tennessee. 8. Lucille. 9. Can't Buy Me Love. 10. From Fluff To You. 11. Till There Was You. 12. Crinsk Dee Night. 13. A Hard Day's Night. 14. Ringo? Yep! 15. I Wanna Be Your Man. 16. Just A Rumour. 17. Roll Over Beethoven. 18. All My Loving. 19. Things We Said Today. 20. She's A Woman. 21. Sweet Little Sixteen. 22. 1822! 23. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes. Disc 3. 1. Nothin' Shakin' 2. The Hippy Hippy Shake. 3. Glad All Over. 4. I Just Don't Understand. 5. So How Come (No One Loves Me) 6. I Feel Fine. 7. I'm A Loser. 8. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby. 9. Rock And Roll Music. 10. Ticket To Ride. 11. Dizzy Miss Lizzy. 12. Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! 13. Set Fire To That Lot. 14. Matchbox. 15. I Forgot To Remember To Forget. 16. Love These Goon Shows. 17. I Got To Find My Baby. 18. Ooh! My Soul. 19. Ooh! My Arms. 20. Don't Ever Change. 21. Slow Down. 22. Honey Don't. 23. Love Me Do.
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  • 2000s Pop Band Guitar Picks
    Pop music guitar picks for musicians and bands Britney Spears, Pink, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, and John Mayer. Pop artist plectrums for singers and performers from the 2000s.
  • Ramones - Rocket To Russia LP
    The third studio album from The Ramones, originally released in 1977, now available on 180-gram vinyl cut from the original analog masters, complete with all original replica packaging, including printed inner sleeves .2011, Rhino. TRACKLISTING 1. Cretin Hop. 2. Rockaway Beach. 3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. 4. Locket Love. 5. I Don't Care. 6. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. 7. We're A Happy Family. 8. Teenage Lobotomy. 9. Do You Wanna Dance. 10. I Wanna Be Well. 11. I Can't Give You Anything. 12. Ramona. 13. Surfin' Bird. 14. Why Is It Always This Way.
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  • Coldplay - Parachutes LP
    A 180 gram vinyl repressing of Coldplay's debut LP, "Parachutes." Originally released in 2000, it instantly became a colossal critical and commercial hit. 2008, Capitol. TRACKLIST 1. Don't Panic. 2. Shiver. 3. Spies. 4. Sparks. 5. Yellow. 6. Trouble. 7. Parachutes. 8. High Speed. 9. We Never Change. 10. Everything's Not Lost.
  • Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials 2xLP
    The 2nd full-length album from Florence Welch. Features a bigger, bolder, more baroque pop sound than Lungs. Big beautiful ballads, steered by striking vocals. A range of influences combine to create a series of unforgettable anthems. Imported. Universal Republic, 2011. 2xLP. Tracklisting: 1. Only if For a Night. 2. Shake It Out. 3. What the Water Gave Me. 4. Never Let Me Go. 5. Breaking Down. 6. Lover to Lover. 7. No Light, No Light. 8. Seven Devils. 9. Heartlines. 10. Spectrum. 11. All This and Heaven Too. 12. Leave My Body.
  • Queen - Queen II LP
    The second album from Queen, first released in 1974. Presented here in 180-gram vinyl, it is mirrored re-issued of the original release. 2008, Fontana Hollywood. TRACKLIST 1. Procession (Instrumental) 2. Father to Son. 3. White Queen (As It Began) 4. Some Day One Day. 5. The Loser in the End. 6. Ogre Battle. 7. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke. 8. Nevermore. 9. The March of the Black Queen. 10. Funny How Love Is. 11. Seven Seas of Rhye.
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  • Arctic Monkeys - AM LP
    The fifth studio LP from Arctic Monkeys, AM features 11 new tracks including the Record Store Day single "R U Mine?". Features guest appearances from Josh Homme, Pete Thomas and Bill Ryder-Jones and the words of poet John Cooper Clarke, on the breakout single "I Wanna Be Yours." 2013, Domino Recording Co. TRACKLIST 1. Do I Wanna Know. 2. R U Mine? 3. One for the Road. 4. Arabella. 5. I Want It All. 6. No. 1 Party Anthem. 7. Mad Sounds. 8. Fireside. 9. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? 10. Snap Out Of It. 11. Knee Socks. 12. I Wanna Be Yours.
    • The Beatles - Past Masters 2XLP
    • Belle And Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister LP+MP3
    • Radiohead - Hail To The Thief LP
    • Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne 2XLP+Poster
  • Radiohead - OK Computer LP
    Radiohead's third LP, originally released in 1997 and re-pressed here on double 180 gram vinyl. Conceptual, textured, and totally legendary. 2008, Capitol. TRACKLISTING 1. Airbag. 2. Paranoid Android. 3. Subterranean Homesick Alien. 4. Exit Music (For A Film) 5. Let Down. 6. Karma Police. 7. Fitter Happier. 8. Electioneering. 9. Climbing Up The Walls. 10. No Surprises. 11. Lucky. 12. The Tourist.
  • MGMT- Oracular Spectacular LP
    MGMT is celebrating the grand re-opening of the third eye of the world. Enigmatic and prophetic collection of hallucinatory sounds and hook-riddled pop tones. Columbia Records, 2008.
  • Iron & Wine - The Creek Drank The Cradle LP
    The first Iron & Wine full-length album from 2002. 2003, Sub Pop Records. TRACKLIST 1. Lion's Mane. 2. Bird Stealing Bread. 3. Faded from the Winter. 4. Promising Light. 5. The Rooster Moans. 6. Upward Over the Mountain. 7. Southern Anthem. 8. An Angry Blade. 9. Weary Memory. 10. Promise What You Will. 11. Muddy Hymnal.
  • The Beatles - Abbey Road LP
    The acclaimed original studio album remaster, finally available on 180-gram vinyl. The last recorded Beatles album, an ambitious effort made just prior to their split. Includes massive hits & tiny gems, like the 23-second long "Her Majesty". Offered here complete with artwork replicated from the original 1969 release. EMI, 2012.
  • Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2xLP
    The Real Slim Shady stands up and then throws down on this classic from Eminem. The record-breaking fastest selling rap album ever, it holds track after track of Eminem faves on two LPS. 2008, Aftermath. TRACKLIST 1. Public Service Announcement 2000 2. Kill You 3. Stan 4. Paul (Skit) 5. Who Knew 6. Steve Berman 7. The Way I Am 8. The Real Slim Shady 9. Remember Me? 10. I'm Back 11. Marshall Mathers 12. Ken Kaniff (Skit) 13. Drug Ballad 14. Amityville 15. B!tch Please II 16. Kim 17. Under The Influence 18. Criminal
  • The Beatles - Rubber Soul LP
    The acclaimed original studio album remaster, finally available on 180-gram vinyl. The 6th studio album from The Beatles, originally released in 1965. Recorded in just 4 weeks, and widely considered one of the best albums of all time. Incorporates George Martin's 1986 stereo remix. Complete with artwork replicated from the original release. EMI, 2012.
  • Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball 2XLP+CD
    This is Bruce Springsteen's 17th studio album and he is still DOING IT. He tackles themes about modern life that resonate with young, old, Bruce diehards and those who've never heard him. 180-gram double album with a bonus CD. 2012, Columbia. TRACKLIST 1. We Take Care of Our Own 2. Easy Money 3. Shackled and Drawn 4. Jack of All Trades 5. Death to My Hometown 6. This Depression 7. Wrecking Ball 8. You've Got It 9. Rocky Ground 10. Land of Hope and Dreams 11. We Are Alive
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