:D Bought a couple of books at this bargain bookstore for $10;
Memoirs of a Geisha, Tess of the D'Ubervilles, 3 Manga books, Little Women, one book from the It Girl series, the Davinci Code, Night by Elie Weasel etc XD It was a good deal!

~~~ anyways, here's my intro set.
Sasha Pembroke (Raleigh Gold)
Sasha, the sweet, quiet girl in the corner with her doctor martens, nerdy-glasses, and a copy of British literature and who orders her coffee every morning with extra teaspoons of sugar and cream. Only, no one actually knows what she does for a living, or why she's here in New York City. In fact, she's the most strange girl you'll ever meet in your life; that is if you'll ever get to meet her. But guess what.... some people are shady, and Sasha is one of them. When she throws on a short designer dress, applies her favorite tube of lipstick, she transforms into a seductive femme fatale. She's enchanting, endlessly fascinating. Her past is questionable: she snuck into a plane to the united states, dyed her hair, and adopted a new name. Now she doesn't know what to do, she found a job at the nightclub Club Red, where she serves men to their delight. But she's alone. Even in a room filled with tipsy men, she feels like crying inside. That is, until she meets the neighbor living downstairs, Louis Kyoto, who has just the strange past as she does.
Imogen Morris Clarke

Hi there, dolls! I'm Sasha :) I'm new to this city... I moved here from my small town in Kansas :) I just got bored of the scenery and came here for college :) {lies, haha} I love New York! Hey, maybe we could have coffee together?

~~~~ boys ~~~~

Louis Kyoto
Age: 23
University student at Columbia, studying astronomy, Louis is the kind, lanky, naive-looking recent undergrad. He's Sasha's downstairs neighbor in their tiny West Village apartment and the boy who sits on the rooftop studying stars each night. He loves to eat, and he eats like an elephant despite his lanky figure. Don't be fooled though. Of French and Japanese descent, Louis spent the majority of his life with his mother in Japan, while his wealthy father spent the rest of his life with other women around the world. Louis spent his life growing up in Tokyo, fatherless, cursing his father--wherever he was, for his mother's tears. At the time, Japan was a corrupt place, run by politicians who had been notorious for embezzlement of millions of yen. As a young boy he was often the brain and leader of his privileged, spoiled peers. It first began with a childish dare to hack into the school's grading system when he was in middle school, then it escalated to hacking the Japanese government. However, Louis, like a classic Robin Hood character, never took his genius skills for evil, and wanted to overthrow a corrupt government by a formulated plan. He soon began a revolution on the web under the name "Anonymous", but soon as his twin sister began finding out Louis's identity, Louis cut his family off and shipped himself to New York. Now, take off his act and he's a rentless brain-- perhaps a bit sinister, a tragic hero at the end of his novel. It was fate that Sasha and Louis met.

Landon Rothschild
Age: 21
A New York native, Landon grew up with money and fame and status. He dropped out of college after partying too much and receiving bad grades at Yale. He's a playboy who takes notice of Sasha at the club she works at. He knew a few secrets about Sasha which she unknowingly slipped,and uses them to his advantage. Landon enjoys playing fun and games with Sasha, to win her heart, but Sasha knows better. She has grown up now and has no time for playboys or another mess. Landon doesn't think so.

Nathaniel Johannes
Age: 25 {deceased}
Nathaniel was Sasha's first love, the only person who could make her feel whole. Nathaniel was a recent graduate at Berlin Polytechnic, a theorist of the paranormal. He was well-known around the world for his research, and Sasha never knew he would be working alongside her in a top confidential study, proving that aliens really did exist and unraveling all the secrets of the universe. He would often light up cigarettes for her when they went to coffee and brought up intelligent conversation for her. He made Sasha feel less lonely in the world, and perhaps he was the only friend she had until now. He knew almost everything about her, the slightest inestimable particle. They promised they would do everything together; go to violin concerts, ride on elephants, and eventually to get married, even though Sasha was only eighteen at the time. Sadly, the German government found out about the controversial research and threw everyone contributing to the project in jail. Sasha was in Prague at the time, attending a symposium, while Nathaniel was at the research institute. He was thrown into an isolated prison for five months, where he was reportedly starved to death. Sasha, overcame with shock and grief as she came back, was never the same person. She boarded a plane to New York City and believes that she was the cause of Nathaniel's death, thinking that she could have prevented it.
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