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I know @ajkc is on a wonderful tropical vacation...maybe Hawaii or maybe a beautiful cruise ship. I know Amanda is having a wonderful time, dancing on the beach or eating at the Captain's table. I know that she has amazed her fellow passengers with her nimble feet and even more nimble wit. Her style is impeccable, and she always picks the right wine.

I know she said she would be back...but it's been 21 DAYS without Amanda. I'm getting desperate for my fix of @ajkc in my inbox or comments. I MISS AMANDA!!!! WAHHHHHHHHH!

I wonder if she fell off the cruise ship? She's floating around out in the ocean. We should rescue her...NOW! We need a row boat. We will be the Poly-Rescue Party. Let's go. Don't forget the sunscreen!

(PS - I really do miss Amanda. Don't you, too?)

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