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~Niall Horan, last night, doing his epical and hilarious Texas accent for the Dallas concert.

CAUTION: MAJOR INTENSE FANGIRLING ENSUES IN THIS SPECIAL ONE DIRECTION CONCERT EDITION BLOGGY. I respect that some of you do not like 1D, but I am so in love with them and I just have to tell you all (who want to read it) my experience although many of you have already shared yours. NOW IT'S MY TURN! Hehe because I just like I know everyone has already said it, but seriously for real, yesterday June 23rd, 2012, was THE BEST DAY EVER. <3

Now I shall map out the day for you all, just because I can and because I have so many emotions right now I just gotta write everything down.

So my cousin (we'll call her M haha I know I'm paranoid but whatever) M met over at our house in the morning because my awesome dad was going to drive us there. We got all loaded into the car and we were like really excited already but it still hadn't really hit us that that night we'd be seeing One Direction IN PERSON. Like, it hadn't sunk in yet, even as we made for sure like 5 times that we had our tickets haha.

So we get into Dallas around noon, and we go to the mall where we are meeting @glitterinmyviens and @deercat. We get inside the mall, and Safa is being all awesome and shopping so M and I kinda look around like H&M because Dalana and her best friend Joanna hadn't gotten to the mall yet. Then around one, while M and I were eating some cheese fries in the food court (well I wasn't I was too excited to eat anything) Dalana and Joanna get there and it's like we see each other and it's like OMG YOU'RE REALLY HERE OMG THIS IS CRAZY AHHHHHH!!! So they come up and we all hug and stuff and Dalana is gorgeous and Joanna is gorgeous and they're both taller than M and I haha but anyway Dalana's mom was super sweet too (my dad was doing his own thing at this point haha) and so Dalana and Joanna and M and I sat down and talked for a bit and then we were like SHOPPING TIME! haha so we went down to Old Navy and there was these weird girls like model-posing with the mannequins and the ladies who worked there were asking us if we wanted to do it and we were like um no... haha it was weird anyway we went to Old Navy and then we went to Forever21 and then Safa texted us and said she was in Victoria's Secret so we went down there and AH SAFA! Safa is so pretty and like it was awesome to meet her too but she couldn't stay with us for very long but we got a picture, me, her and Dalana the Polyvore girls :) So Dalana, Joanna, M and I go to Zara (where Dalana got the coolest mint jacket ever), then we goof off in J. Crew and took some lovely pictures in fedoras, and we went to Aldo where I got some new sandals, and yeah Dalana, Joanna, M, and I shopped together for like 3 hours and then we got some Jamba Juice (Dalana and Joanna had never had it before!!) and then we were like OMG THE CONCERT IS IN LIKE 3 HOURS. And we were already kinda tired so Dalana and Joanna go find Dalana's mom and M and I find my dad (who was looking rather bored haha) and we all go back to our hotel (Safa was staying at a different hotel than all of us unfortunately). M and I and my dad check in and we go up to our room and try to like relax for a bit but we can't because OMG THE CONCERT IS ALMOST HERE. We watched some old Friends episodes on the TV haha and then like around 5:30 M and I start getting ready (we both wore high-low summer dresses! Mine was from Urban Outfitters and hers was from F21) and we make sure our hair looks good and put more makeup on then it's like 6:10 and it's like OMG WE'RE ABOUT TO LEAVE. So we meet Dalana and Joanna down in the hotel lobby around 6:15 and we take some pictures and then it's like... AH WE'RE LEAVING!! My dad tries to follow Dalana's mom but we all get kinda lost and separated from each other because some roads were closed and there was a lot of traffic. M and I didn't get there until like 7 and so we find Dalana and we all buy concert shirts and programs and Joanna is waiting in line but she's almost to the front and like all these girls might be vicious and hurt us if we try to cut to get to Joanna haha but Joanna has Dalana's ticket so Dalana smoothly slides into line with her while M and I go to the back because luckily none of us were on the lawn so it didn't really matter where we were in line. But the line was INSANE. And there were so many like really little kids and families and we were like what are they doing here... haha anyway we finally get into the actual arena area like 7:40ish and that Manika girl is playing so we get some waters because it was SO HOT. Like almost 100 degrees and we go find our seats. Dalana and Joanna were in the first section (they had amazing seats) and Safa was somewhere in the first section (she had amazing seats too) and M and I were in the second section but we could still see really well. Luckily we found our seats right as Olly came out.

OLLY HAS THE MOST ADORABLE ACCENT EVER OMG. He was so cute and he is actually a really good dancer and he sounded AMAZING. You could tell he was having a lot of fun but he said it was so hot haha. Everyone was sweating. So he was just really great and he got done around 8:15ish I think.

So they have the break between Olly and 1D and there is this couple sitting in front of M and I, drinking beer and they got drunk and left before 1D even came on. LIKE REALLY NOW. I was glad they left because they were being annoying and we couldn't see very well behind them but seriously why were they even selling beer at a 1D concert... Uck.

IT'S TAKING FOREVER. M and I were getting so irritated because they just kept setting up and it had been at least half an hour and 1D hadn't come out yet and it was really hot and all these girls kept screaming AT NOTHING. Haha like sorry but like obviously that's not 1D that's not even Josh why are you screaming for some random guy setting up the drum set... 

THEN. At around 9 when it was basically dark outside... The big lights come on… and the screens change from advertising like Olly’s twitter and stuff to… 


That was the first time I died last night. 


After Na Na Na they all said hi and such and kept saying “What’s up Dallas!” and “Dallas make some noise!” (Harry said “Dallas make some noise!” like really 5 times throughout the whole concert haha) and OMG THEIR VOICES SOUNDED HIGHER IN PERSON I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT BUT THEY DID AND LOUIS’ AND LIAM’S AND ZAYN’S ACCENTS WERE LIKE SO STRONG BUT HARRY AND NIALL’S WERE ALMOST LIKE NOT THAT STRONG BUT STILL SO CUTE ALL OF THEIR VOICES WERE SO ADORABLE. And when Harry would say “us” it was like omg seriously I love you so much. 

After Na Na Na it was hard to keep track of the song order but every single song M and I sang ever word and screamed so loud and everyone around us too (except these weird ladies kinda in front of us who didn’t even have daughters with them and they were like sitting down and we were like why are you even here haha) and we were jumping up and down and our feet were killing us but we didn’t care and we took a bunch of pictures and videos but where we were sitting, like we could see them well, but our pictures didn’t turn out so great because of all the lights and such mostly. AND EVERYTHING THEY DID AH! Niall jumped way high twice omg so adorable and like all the little things they were doing to each other like they all knelt down in front of Harry when he had his solo in ah gosh how can I not remember I think it was his solo in One Thing ah it was so funny and then Liam was doing some awesome dancing and Zayn’s echoes (he’s the master you know) were perfect and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SOUNDED PERFECT AND AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE LIKE BETTER LIVE THAN ON THE CD LIKE THEY WERE PERFECT. And Louis’ voice was really high though it was funny but so cute xD AND HARRY’S FACES HE MADE LIKE REALLY. And then all of them laughing and smiling at each other and like really it makes me happy too that they really were having an amazing time up there and omg at one point I was like omg Liam took some girls’ phone from the audience and RECORDED A VIDEO OF ALL OF THEM UP ON STAGE! I was like um no that should be my phone please like omg. 

THEN, exclusive to the awesome Dallas Directioners, during Up All Night everyone did something special and the boys loved it because no one else had done it was a really good idea actually it was crazy and awesome. Tons of blown up beach balls were suddenly thrown into the air and bounced around the whole arena during Up All Night and the boys were up on stage kicking them back and playing with them it was so much fun. 

As for things thrown up on stage that the boys looked at, there were some cookie monster boxers for Niall, a stuffed cat that Liam was petting on their couch, a Texas Longhorns hat that Zayn put on Liam’s head, and some figurine I couldn’t tell what it was that Harry picked up. 

NOW FOR THE DARES. OH GOODNESS THE TWITTER DARES. They were so funny and amazing and ah the boys my boys I cannot get over it. The first one was to have them square dance, and they were up there talking about how they had to learn to square dance in school, so then they all do the square dance and it was hilarious to watch them they were so cute and like it was just awesome. THE SECOND DARE AH! It was to do their best Texas accent. And like of course Niall went first and his was by far the best and most hilarious. He said the title of this set and then he also did a Forrest Gump line in a Texas accent ah it was perfect xD Harry did the Texas accent too but his was cute because it wasn’t that good haha he was just like “what’s up Texas y’all” haha. THEN omg was “can any of you moonwalk?” and they were all like “LIAM!” and omg Liam he can really moonwalk ah it was amazing and then he did the splits at the end and Niall was like “how do you do that?” and tried to do it and fell over and omg it was so funny. THEN of course they did the Inbetweeners dance which was perfect. And the last one was of course rap Fresh Prince but they were like up there discussing it was so funny it was almost like they weren’t in front of 19,000 people (yes isn’t that insane?? They said we were their biggest gig ever) and they were like “Liam wants to try something new” and Louis was like “okay I’ll start” and then they didn’t start and he was like “oh Liam you want to start?” and they were all just trying to figure it out and it was so cute and then they did it and Zayn’s high part ahhhh I died. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TWITTER DARES. One of the dares was from a girl in my section so that was cool. 

AH SO OKAY EVERYONE HAS SEEN NIALL’S NEW PROFILE ICON ON TWITTER RIGHT? Yep that was from last night at our show <3 he’s wearing his Maverics hat haha. 

Oh so right before they did One Thing Niall did his Texas accent again it was so adorable and funny he was like talking about calling up the local radio station to get them to play One Thing and pretended to have a phone and he was like “you can just call them up and go ‘howdy, can I request a song to play on the radio?’” and then he laughed and then goes “‘okay uh, can you guys play One Thing by One Direction?’” AH IT WAS SO ADORABLE NIALL IS THE MOST ADORABLE PERSON EVER. He definitely was the one who talked the most at the concert. 

Also their outfit changes were so… mmmmm ahh <33

ALL OF THEM KEPT SAYING THANK YOU TO US AND HOW MUCH THEY APPRECIATED US. Each one of them, and I think Liam and Harry were the ones who said “massive thank you” haha. AND THEY SAID THEY LOVED DALLAS SO MANY TIMES. Because remember Dallas won Bring1DToUs just saying :)) and they said we were definitely their biggest gig yet which was insane but believable the lawn behind was PACKED with so many people omg. 19,000 PEOPLE THAT’S CRAZY. And Niall said we were his favorite gig so far (who knows if he says that at all of them) and they all agreed it was one of their best and favorites <33 


They also kept saying how hot it was haha like yeah you’re in Texas it’s hot down here but really also they were so amazing for BEING AMAZING IN THE HEAT. Like they’re not used to it and it was just so amazing they were so perfect throughout the entire concert. I literally was like screaming at M like “omg I still can’t believe this is happening” several times during the concert haha. 

THEN THERE WAS NIALL’S SPEECH BEFORE THEY DID WMYB. It was seriously so sweet he was so so so so sweet and kept saying to drink lots of water and he didn’t want anyone getting hurt and to stay safe and how much all of it meant to them and his speech was just so omg. They all said a little something before WMYB. 

OH AND THE VIDEOS THEY PLAYED LIKE DURING OUTFIT CHANGES?! OMG AH THEY WERE LIKE SO AHHHHHH NO WORDS. There were some great Larry moments in those too hehe <3 I liked the Winter one a lot where they were getting ski clothes on haha and they all like carried Harry in to breakfast xD

SO THEY DID WMYB. IT WAS PERFECTION, OF COURSE. HARRY’S SOLO WAS FLAWLESS and they were all messing with him during it too it was great and he was laughing while trying to sing. It was just amazing. And at the very end of WMYB when Harry sings the last line, they were all messing with him so much that he moved away from them and goes “stop!” real quick and everyone laughs and then he sings the last line amazingly. 

Then they were like saying bye but we were like THEY HAVEN’T DONE I WANT YET WHAT IS THIS NO THEY’RE NOT DONE YET. And they’re like “okay if you guys are loud enough we’ll come back for one more song!” haha and everyone was SO LOUD again like they were loud through the entire thing (except on Moments everyone just sang along instead of screaming the whole time it was soooo amazing) and so of course they came back and did I WANT :)) Ah their outfit change for I Want is nice too :)) and oh Harry, he did his lyric change, the now infamous one from “different date, every night” to “different d-ck, every night” and then they all changed the chorus from “that’s crazy” to “that’s cheesy”. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It was perfection. PERFECTION. After I Want they thanked us all again and said how amazing we were and everyone was of course going crazy and they left, but it was like omg we just saw One Direction in concert omg.

OH I FORGOT. Use Somebody, I Gotta Feeling, Stereo Hearts, Valerie, Torn… omg they were all amazing covers.

AND ALSO. Apparently Eleanor was there but we didn’t see her. I did see Paul though :) and JOSH AH JOSH IS SO CUTE TOO :)


Ah. I feel like I’m forgetting something and I probably am I just have so many things on my mind like the entire concert was just so perfect and Olly was so good too and I didn’t even care that I was so so sweaty and kinda dehydrated (I couldn’t jump up and down as much as I wanted to because my side hurt haha) but it was just the best experience ever. They work so hard and they really put on the best show ever <3

After the concert we were supposed to find Dalana and Joanna but that was like impossible haha and since there were so many people using cell phones we couldn’t even get ahold of each other and I couldn’t get ahold of my dad. Finally, after a longggg time and sooooo many cars leaving (it was insanity) we got ahold of my dad and finally found him and then we got Wendy’s and brought it back to the hotel because we were hungry haha and we didn’t get back until after midnight. We didn’t get to go swimming with Dalana and Joanna since the pool was already closed but it was seriously okay because we’d all just had the best night of our lives. 

We could barely get to sleep, and then when we did, or at least when I did, all I could dream about was the concert and how it was just so crazy that we actually for real got to see them in person at a sold out concert, a sold out tour, and it’s just the best feeling I still can barely believe it and it was just SO AMAZING. I loved every second of it and I am so grateful we were able to get tickets and that my dad was able to take us to it and it was just so much fun I can’t stop thinking about it. And besides the concert, it was really really awesome to meet Dalana and Joanna and Safa too <3 

You all, if you’re still reading this, probably think I am crazy and weird and way too obsessed so I guess I will stop since I can’t think of anything else right now but I probably will later haha. I hope you enjoyed reading my bloggy haha I know it’s super long but I just… I have so many emotions. [insert Mean Girls gif here]

I LOVE ONE DIRECTION WITH ALL MY HEART AND THEY. ARE. PERFECTION. They really are, like really live and everything they are just the best. 

Goodnight everyone, it’s now Monday here and I am so tired I think I am running on like fangirl power or something.

OH wait btw all the pictures in this set are from our show, the Dallas show. And excuse the rest of the set it's kind-of a mess sorry haha.

06/23/12 <<< the day my life was made. 

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