I finally put SEOUL on my iPod. And so is that chinese song from leehom. I forgot what it's called but the MV was from Wong Fu productions and it's just amazing. I love the clock... Yeah, I didn't give much to find out what it is and I'm personally too lazy to click everywhere to go see it... .___.

GUESS WHAT?! MY DREAM DIDN'T HAVE PICKLES IN IT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAND i forgot what it was about... shoot. And I think it was good too...

I had a nap and I dreamed that I fell asleep in the Seoul airport and woke up finding myself napping on hyunseung's lap. OH YEAH.

OHHH NOW I REMEMBER. I was playing tag with @pigrabbitforever and it was a different kinda tag. We did all these ninja tricks and jumped over roofs and stuff. And then we took a break and said random korean words...

AAAAAAnd in the dream before that I was in sculpture class and the tv was on and the MV for Ring Ding Dong came on and then it said on the tv "ENGLISH ISN'T THE ONLY LANGUAGE KIDS!" and then apparently a lotta asians started doing that pelvis thrust thingy and so was I and it was cool. cuz... ya know... so...yeah.

I DREW THE BUNNY THAT @harlowcatharina GAVE ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY FOR MY HOMEWORK. :D I named it "Unni" right? But Unni really doesn't seem to click anymore... :o I don't know what else to name it though, something cute and short... Help? LOL when I reread cute and short I immediatly thought "Yoseob!" XD I'm so mean.
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