Serena, ESE.

Monday (Important): We’ve been hearing rumours and regardless of them being the truth or gossip, we’re all heading to the Waldorf Astoria; penthouse suite. Where none other than Blair and her girls are throwing and end of the year party, it’s time to hookup, get wasted, have fun and look hot doing it all. And if S really is coming back, it’s going to oozing with rising tensions and hopefully a good old fashion, bitchfight.

With that monumental step off the train and onto the platform of the Grand Central Station, the train whisked off in a hurry. Too fast for me to say goodbye, or hop back on and go back to boarding school. Was I seriously worrying over what my friends would think? I’m obviously stressing myself out; Blair, Nate, and even Chuck are the only people who matter to me and they’re great enough people to understand that I left because, I simply had to. And if I thought, stepping back to New York City was difficult, according to Gossip Girl’s latest blasts, I’m screwed.
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Isn’t bad timing perfect? Especially in a scenario like this. While everyone is a B’s penthouse party, hosed by the Queen herself along with her minions, S is making her dramatic entrance BACK to the Upper East Side. S is back, the resident jaded it-girl, who tried to play hide and seek with me, but obviously gave up, because she’s back. And just as B’s feeling all high and mighty throwing her little party, S just has to fuck shitt up by coming back. Perfect timing, S, can’t wait to see all your reactions, check the pictures of her at the Grand Central Station below. It’s going to a wild and wicked summer, I can just smell it.
Gossip girl
The last person I need to piss off is Blair, but I’m not here to steal the spotlight like the attention whoree GG is making me out to be. I stopped by vintage Givenchy suitcase and sat on it, my jeans were reeking of yesterday’s stress sweat and the rim of sweater was damp from my tears. I was done worrying about problems that haven’t even occurred yet, I having a hot dress and killer heels in my luggage, I’ll sneak in the Blair’s cute little ‘penthouse party’ say hi to her and Nate and just slip out and just have a night to myself. I hailed a cab as I exited to train station and was engulfed in the brisk night air and rummaged through my bag of last year’s clothes that didn’t fit and felt like the old Serena. With arriving, I want to reinvent myself. I’m sure Blair has changed to, I just shifted in my shoes just thinking about catching up with her over biscotti, in either one of our foyer’s, whether it be, our Hepburn movie marathon, or applying makeups, giving drag queens a run for the money. I just missed Blair and felt awful, leaving her…without notice. God, I hope she isn’t pissed, but I feel we’ll both be too happy to see each other to be pissed. The wheels screeched to an abrupt stop in front of Blair’s luxury apartments and I stepped out, lugging my baggage and dress, tights, and heels in my hands I was going to change for the party. Glares of incoming guests seared through me, I kept walking faster, ignoring the shocked faces of people I don’t even know. After going to the stalls and changing into my outfit, rather déclassé, I entered the elevator. It took me a few seconds to remember B’s floor number, but it soon came to me along with other memories, but I kept on track and pressed the button. Being whisked up the highest floor, I walked apprehensively to Blair’s suite, putting up a cool and collection front. Grasping, the golden knob, I pushed it forward to a hectic scene. Of people getting ready about to eat and some stopped what they were doing to stare in shock. And my fixated glare caused to catch Blair snapping at a little busty brunette middle schooler,

“You know, just because you might've done invites for my last party DOES NOT mean that you can suddenly show up here making a fatty of yourself." 

And in less than a few seconds, Chuck had a hold of the wide-eyed waifish girl, and I was witnessing this spectacle for too long, with much concentration to realize the gasps and turns of head and with a few blinks, I zoned back to reality. By now, Blair had walking away, leaving a trail of bread and appetizers she picked up and dragged Nate by the arm and went towards her room.

“Blair!” I called over, rushing towards her as fast I could in my heels. And with that, she made Nate hold the food, and calmly turned towards me,

“What do you want?” she said deadpan, looking a little irritated. 

“Well, I’m…” I began, before getting caught off by one of Blair’s new friends

“You’re back, no shit.” She sneered, petting her main of chocolate brown hair. I rolled my eyes in response.

“That’s Rain, if you didn’t pull you’re disappearance stunt for attention, you two might have gotten to know each other better.” Blair spat out.

“Wait, what?” Was all I was capable of saying, my face rushed with red, knowing where this was going. And the infamous whispers from the people in the crowds, poured in.

“What I never got was why she did it, she was on her peek. Best friends with Blair and fuck buddies with golden boy, why leave it all?”

“It’s obviously because she got pregnant?”

“Just like my tolerance for you being here right now; I’m going to make this short,” Blair said, her eyes capturing a demonic glare, “You’re like the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag and I’m a Chanel 2.55, you may have been on every celebrity’s crook of their arm a few years ago, but I’ll always be in style and do it with class. Now leave, go home S, I’m saying this as a friends, and I’m keeping things civil.” 

Every single word was so petty, and so middle school. If anyone else uttered them, I would have scoffed. But coming from Blair and I could see she really didn’t want me at her party, or in the city for that matter. I just nodded my head, turned in my heels and slowly walked off, the room slowly regaining its motion and sound it had before I came. I’m obviously not wanted, as of now at least. I came back to stay and if that meant laying low to make everyone happy then so be it. But I give everyone credit to be smart enough to know I’m a comeback queen, I’ll rise to where I belong. And it’s not even important whether I’m on top the social ladder, that’s Blair’s angle, I could care less. I just want my old friends back; Blair (when she’s not PMSing), Nate, even Chuck, and I’d love to try to get to know Blair’s new monkeys she calls friends. But as of now, it’s raining, I’m pissed, and I’m friendless. I lit up a cigarette and sit on the curb on a sidewalk, spending the rest of my night there in solitude. 

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