Answer the questions below for others to read and learn how to be similar to you. Sometimes it's nice to learn how others go along in situations and try to be more like them. 
What do you do in an awkward moment?
A: i do the awkward turtle DUH! diffuses any awkwardness
Do you feel nervous around people you don't know?
A: no but i do become more quiet mostly because i just miss the beginning of the conversation and i have no idea what they are on about.
How do you greet someone?
A:"bonjour (insert persons name here)" smile or hug depending on the person
How do you make presenting a speech or project easy?
A : i dont i just sh*t myself and tell people how lame i am before i start...
What are some things people like about you?
A: uuuuum... im nice and i can have fun with everyone 
Is it normal to you to not want to go to school after a very long break?
A: YES!!!! i never want to go ever!!!!!!! urgh neeed sleeeep
Where is your dream vacation spot?
A: in small yet modern house in a forest somewhere reading books and making forts and having friends over but with in walking distance of restuarants cinemas bowling alleys bars and shops
Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
A: uuum working as a make up artist, married, making youtube vids
What is your point of view of life?
A:depends sometimes oh shitties and other times life is geeeeewd
Future career?
A: make up artist, psychologist, owner of my own shop for something

*You may add on anything else. By answering these questions, someone whom thinks alike may come along & enjoy being friends. That is why this is a new Poly-project. To spread love on Polyvore. (:
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