September 22, 2012

Song of the day: Live While We're Young - One Direction

1) Yes. This is my song of the day again. Um, what can I say? I kinda just love it. #sorrynotsorry #whatevs #hatersgonnahate
2) I showed Finn Harries to my friend and she just about died. Lol. I was like...
3) Speaking of... You guys NEED to watch "Awkward.". It's the best. #teammattybutkindofjake
4) My English teacher gave us a pop quiz (let's be real... it was more like a test since we had to write two pages and it took the entire period) yesterday on chapters 1-10 of "The Scarlet Letter." Like is that a joke?! I can't remember TEN whole chapters! Obviously I failed that. So annoyed. I'm starting to get very concerned about what my grade in English is going to be... 
5) Other than that, I was kinda in a good mood yesterday because it was FRIDAY and I've been working like craycray and was so ready for a break. And my tennis team had our homecoming game (every fall team in my school has one) yesterday and we CREAMED the other team. I didn't even play yesterday lol but it was fun! And we had a pep rally and we all came decked to school in our (insert school team name) swag, and we had to do a little cheer in front of the entire school lol, and we were all spirited and... it's just fun being on a team! I highly recommend joining a sports team, for anyone entering high school (at least, I would for people going to my school).
6) Oh. And--I don't know if this is just something my school does, but if when you're on a team, whenever you have a game, your entire team is supposed to dress up in whatever attire you want. Like uniform, crazy outfits, whatever--so the other day, we had to play this preppy private school, so to sort of "mock" them, we came dressed to school in, like, school girl outfits (but with tennis skirts instead of actual skirts), and it was so cute and fun! It was like "Gossip Girl", tennis-style. 
7) Anyways. I should probably stop rambling on about pointless things and go do my homework or something.
8) I PROMISE I will catch up on my tags, PMs, etc., etc. later today, but be patient with me please!!! Talk to you later, loves! xx

p.s. Thoughts on this slightly different/random layout?
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