Because i suck at bio's i wrote this instead.

My full name is Andy Laura Collins. It spell's ALC. Which i am pretty sure is some sought of government party here. Oh wait nope that ALP , Meh who wants to be associated with the government anyway they are pretty sh.t anyway.

That was off topic , I apologise. (Off topic but so true)

Anyway , I'm Andy. Like the kid from Toy Story.

I am 21 years old. Yeah i know ancient right? I was born on the 17 January. So i am a Summer baby. For those people who don't live in Australia , yes Summer is in January.

I am the youngest in my family , My parents are named Karen and Kellan. Generally my parents are pretty cool but we have fights. That is normal right?

I have two older siblings. Greg and Jenni. Greg is my older brother , He is pretty much your average older brother. Loves to tease me but is way to protective when it comes to other things. My sister Jenni is married to a guy named Daniel , I don't mind him but meh. They have a baby named Jayden. He is cool and Aunty Andy is obviously his favourite Aunt. Or person in general.

Like i mentioned before I am Australian. I live in Sydney , It really isn't as great as everyone make's it out to be (if you say anywhere else is better i will poke your eyes out with a pen though) , I never lived anywhere else which is a little sad isn't it?

I live with my friend Rachel and on the odd occasion our mate Alex. Rachel is an odd girl , well actually generally people say i'm the odd girl and she is normal which may be why i find her odd. Who know's. She has a boyfriend named Nathan he is a band with the boy named Alex i mentioned before. Alex is a freeloader who comes to house for food, washing and occasionally to steal our skinny jeans. They think they are cool but really they aren't.

I work in a shop. Nothing special though i do get to stare at clothes all the time so that's fun.Sometimes i go out with the people i work with but their definition of fun is getting wasted and going to the cross.Mine is staying home and watching Doctor Who. No , Well kinda but i do actually go out from time , Mostly to concerts.

Apart from a small obsession with a british boyband i think i have pretty flawless taste in music. One of the things i most proud off , actually.

In school i was actually one of the smartest girls , Not that was hard considering the school i was in. I always got beat by one boy named Paul. I really hated him.

According to some i have problems anxiety , It may be true but i like to pretend its not.

So basically there is heaps more about me i should include but i can't think of anything.

This has been my about me. Well done if you managed to read this.


So i redid this set so you can see what they look like in sets. So tada.

Also i was going to include Kate Harrison , Montana Cox and Jenna Louise Coleman as well.

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