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Locked Out of Heaven-Bruno Mars

Good Afternoon. [= *ask me what the heck Saranghae is if you don't know*

I've got to say I know i listen to Rock and Screamo and some Rap or whatever shit, but I've got to admit, I love Bruno Mars.

His songs are always like asdfghjkl. And this one song! It sounds like The Police. I like the video.

How ya doing? Get your beautiful self in my inbox? I may have to reply to more but I;ll reply.

Next week I'll be on everyday like almost the whole day. Except for Thanksgiving I shall go with my awesome family c:

Have an awesome week, weekend whatever and enjoy thanksgiving. Remember be happy and give thanks that day and everyday.



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Okay you, you know who you are. i told you i'd do this so. First remember when we first met? How we somehow instantly became best friends? That was awesome. I told you everything, still do. dickhead. Lmao, and our weird ass conversations. You're one dirty chick. You know you want this D. Anywhore remember that time I told you I liked you? Or...yeah too many memories. Or Sleeping with Sirens. How that remembers you of me? I feel as this is long but it probably isn't. I met you on your last account yup. I hate how we had that one huge fight. Two. But I don't care. I always had the feeling you liked me since you always said stuff and tried flirting with me in a way. Well well, i'm awk so yeah I'm just gonna say one last thing. Saranghae. c':
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