☀Sunday, August 7th: Another to relax thanks to no classes today. Maybe you could try to tour the city or get a tan at the beach. Spend this day however you want. But rules are still rules.

read this before, to understand more: http://www.polyvore.com/youre_reason_why_smile/set?id=35663097&.locale=es
I was alone, by the beach. All the girls that where here were getting tan or in the waves, while I was walking in the sand, with my Missoni bikini on and my wedges in my hand. 

I loved the beach, in Canada was always cold, but right now, Hawaii wasn't really entretaining.

"Chrysa?"a male voice asked behind my back. I turned around and wow, there it was the betrayer.

"Hi, Nick" I said with cold voice, "what are you doing here?"

"Well, I escaped from the academy, I need the beach" he said, looking at my body.

"Good for you" I turned around and started to walk again.

"Chrysa, what's wrong?" he said, trying to follow me.

"Nothing, I mean, everything is super cool"i said, with cold and numb voice, trying to not hit him in the face.

"Tell me"he said, putting his hands on my shoulders and stopping me from walking.

"Why, does it matters? Let's not pretend like we're friends" I said, trying to escape from his hands.

"What?"he said, surprised "Why the f-uck are you mad with me for something I don't even know"he said, crossing his arms and looking at me with anger.

"Oh, you don't remember now? You where talking with the biggest w-hores in Honolulu, Jazmine and Yulia"I said, with tears trying to escape from my eyes.

"So what? I can talk to anybody here!"he said.

"But not with them!" I yelled.

"Why? Chrysa, you said it: we're nothing. So why this even matters?"he said.

"It does to me! But you know what, forget about it. Your just another a-sshole"I yelled and pushed him. I didn't moved him at all, but it helped to discourage my anger. I started to run. with tears in my eyes.

"Chrysa, are you allright?"asked Nichelle, stopping me.

"Yes"I said, with all the girls looking at me and Nick.

"What did he said to you?"asked Willa.

I just wanted to scream to everyone and make them go to hell.

"Nothing"i whispered.

"Chrysa, what..."started to say Sofia, but I stopped her.

"None of you likes me, so why are you here? Don't be so hypocrit and pretend you care about me. No one here does, I just realized that. So, leave me alone"I said and then started to run.

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