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This set might be the most hilarious pick up random stuff ever since i did joking on sth..well EXO's fans get it Yehet is trending by Oh Sehun,the kid is brilliant :))))))) and my lovelies non Kpop fellow i sending you many many Yehet too if you want lol..

Thanks a bunch to little fellows EXO's fans& don't mind me to including SM stan for this set too.
thanks for support,likes,comments and shares through many years[for some members]

- @giko-is-giantsister and @stephaniee90 Luhan at heart you two will get special set soon.

- @eikki What if you want to claim this set you can becoz you deserved to received this YEHET

- @batmansidekick aka Xiumin wifey lol..

- @nyamnyam once for awhile remembering you liked mainly are Yixing and Sehun /Tao

- @alice18195 ever said not sure to pick just one maybe Suho

- @onelove123 of course can be Luhan found a lot on your page

- @nettanetto not sure Lay !! and EXO's fan 

- @n3mopsyco almost forget you ,your acc name hard to remember,Kris's fan,many groups crush.

- @saranghaesonyushidaeluhan Luhan

- @channdid Chanyeol right !!

- @fashionista26 Not sure your main biased Kai,Baekhyun we've same biased btw.. [if i remember it right ]

- @natacvdo & @lauacvdo Sm stan sibling,Kai,Sehun and EXO's fans

- @deer-luhan Luhan's fan..not sure i ever following you or not but thx for come to likes.

and @kpopmom @kpopfan @kpopisbetterthanyourgrandma

Sorry if i've missed someone i remember you guys well Bcoz you come to my page often and wishing you get lots of happiness and best things to comes in 2014.

And don't missed to keep trending for yourself Yehet ..


Wrote one year ago
pretty set !

Wrote one year ago
Hey eonnie ! It's been a whiiiiiile ! :o How are you ?
Ahhh XD thank you for the set ! But i'm not more into kpop actually so ... is "yehet" a new world created by Sehun-shi ?

Wrote one year ago
love this style:))

Wrote one year ago
Love the look... Casual and cool...Awesome pics... Love this.xx

Wrote one year ago
So cool casual, love grey coats so much!

Wrote one year ago
@rainie-minnie These photos of Sehun are gorgeous!! -^ ^-

Wrote one year ago
So stunning, great work as always :)

Wrote one year ago
Cool Set!

Wrote one year ago
Perfect style and set, amazing!

Wrote one year ago
Congratulation for #Yehet dude you made it great and cool,funny btw..i can't stop thinking to Sehun did the noise Yehet
this kid is sth special love him tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh thank you so much i want Lu-ge for my life made it for me plssss jebal ~

Wrote one year ago
very pretty :)

Wrote one year ago
wonderful set dear

Wrote one year ago
Belle le frasi che compongono il set...stupendo look...!!!

Wrote one year ago
haha ?? how about me ?? I love Kai <33
just kidding XD
lovely set unnie ^^

Wrote one year ago
Hello Mina chan thank you so much for this Yehet set:)
i really love this set bcoz Sehun bringing Yehet happiness to us,run to noona here Sehun ,noona have waiting for you real hard lol..
he got me for his not yet faithful fan this year beside Luhan is no.1 among EXO for me
wow your set never ever disappointed me
Thank you so much for made my day happy and means world to received brilliant set from you sweetie
big hugs from me to you>> kira kira:)))))))))))))))

Wrote one year ago
Great styling job!! LOVE that colorful sweater!!

Wrote one year ago
Ah! That shirt is amazing! Nice set!

Wrote one year ago
YEHET! Amazing set! I love this phrase now.. yehet. Wish you all the best in 2014 <33

Wrote one year ago
Amazing style..

Wrote one year ago
just lover it, the pop of color fantastic