Yellow Mystology

is it pollen or an outer space orb, please see note on post for painting
  • Kimono
    "Yellow, in the main event or as an accent to the main event, is a color everyone gravitates to I believe b/c of the sun. We all need the sun and we all are starting to love yellow, in fashion it has become a staple. Love this Kimono." — @leotajane
  • POW
    "we couldnt watch TV, Dad bought comics ok'd by Mother, I loved the artistry, bright colors even my older brother's soccer mates had BEANO Scottish comics, loved it all, this set reminds me of the true craftsmanship that went into those little gems. xox" — @leotajane
  • Secret Stairway
    ""The Secret Stairway" an artist I recently discovered, fresh & youthful. Her subjects may look candy filled, like this stairway beautiful sparkling sisters pink party dresses to the yellow star covered secret, she has many sides. Love it, leotajane" — @leotajane
  • Untitled #116
    "Neon Yellow, anything except warning signs, "do not cross crime scene, or taxis had it. Now its the quintessential accent color. I love this piece for it's chaotic lines, use of color so spars yet balancing the equation of composition. Stream of conscious" — @leotajane
  • Terrain
    "holy runaway train clouds, this is leaps & bounds 1 of the best pieces I have seen here. Creating an entirely new universe, with organic looking creatures or a mist of life. The sky has a texture and color so perfectly welded together, it is flawless. Wow" — @leotajane
  • Geen titel #399
    "a few little universe of yellowness & bunnies. The richness in texture, imagery and imagination runs deep in this piece. The artist sees things so uniquely & has a very distinctive style" — @leotajane
  • 14 184. ENCHANTED FOREST. 68
    "The yellow is like a golden path through the forest of life, it has narrow parts, doubt, and rooted steps, a place to lay. To rest, Then time to move on. It's enchanting but magically so you can visit just not stay." — @leotajane
  • floral touch
    "My first interior, this is the beauty of yellow. The grey & yellow combo is going to become a classic, this is impeccable." — @leotajane
  • Summer glow
    "The "Summer Glow" in the day it hides in cheeks and smiles, thoughts & memories and at night one can see the faces glowing from the days activities, the night's crickets, talking about luck & love. This piece reminds you of those moments, treasures really" — @leotajane
  • Bucklebury Copse
    "This painting of trees has the remnants of brush strokes, a palette knife, oil, and a build up of paint that magically appears from the images, The contrasting colors give this vibrates & life a breathing work of art" — @leotajane
  • Geen titel #3420
    "this belongs in Painters as well, such a painterly piece with the vibrant yellow holding it up to gravity it's heavenly bodies." — @leotajane
  • end of day
    "another round of saturation, texture and place, The idea of end of a day and it's color change does it effect mood, emotion or physical-ness of our bodies" — @leotajane
  • Vintage Pattern
    "Vintage Pattern has all the images, color and composition of a Jasper John mixed by Martha Stewart on drugs. This is stunning." — @leotajane
  • looking for life
    "A piece with a treegirl protected by a yellow line of a bubble collecting her strength, thoughts, the corners keep the audience at full attention. Love this piece" — @leotajane
  • ma cherie
    "a subtle (kidding) portrait that captures my full attention with the lashes falling outside the look down the emotional values. What is happening to her?" — @leotajane
  • Yellow Birds
    "yellow birds in a criptic source, lovely in form, intelligence in make, the simplicity of the air around them and day turning to dusk is breath taking beautiful. For the yellow birds" — @leotajane
  • Untitled #260
    "the yellow of this piece holds the audience in place whilst all around her the hustle & bustle of life go on. Amazing blending of b/w with color world." — @leotajane
  • Contemporary life
    "Hiiiiiiaa, she says to me splashed around with colors and texture like a splotchy rain, the piece is flawless, a way in and then you cannot get out." — @leotajane
  • in the car
    "I am seeing more inspiration from digital media. This screams at me 1950's , retro with California living going on, the thrift store is such an iconic building now,we have the song and now an amazing pink & yellow sublime version of my mythology of yellow" — @leotajane
  • slow lane, fast lane
    "the yellow lines in small fits, breaking the two buglets, objects apart. Love the linage." — @leotajane
  • Will You Still Love Me?
    "This world, dainty young greying woman, dressed to go out,Yellow Satin passed down her Great Aunt details fitting, a demure, quiet beauty gives her show walks home to her love. All wonder, what is she?so many secrets" — @leotajane
  • I Love Yellow A Lot
    No item description
  • Rolling In The Deep
    No item description
  • Summer...
    No item description
  • earth's delight
    No item description
  • Always Sunny!
    No item description
  • Untitled #51
    No item description
  • Untitled #63
    No item description
  • Untitled #65
    No item description
  • Make Up Your Mind
    No item description
  • She Screams
    No item description
  • Yellow Valentino
    No item description
  • Untitled #799
    No item description
  • Anyone But Him
    No item description
  • Masks behind masks
    No item description
  • 3907 - a walk in the rain
    No item description
  • Abstract
    No item description


Wrote one year ago
I am honored to be included here and I love your descriptions of the work!!

Wrote one year ago
thank you for adding my set to this stunning collection!.

Wrote two years ago
your description is like poetry, an quite an honor- thank you!

Wrote two years ago
This is sooooooooooooooooo very interesting Thank you for including Vintage Pattern. Appreciated :-)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set! Great collection sweetie! :)

Wrote two years ago
thank you very much for including my set in this beautiful collection :-)

Wrote two years ago
Ahhh, "buglets" is a perfect and very charming word for my little friends! Thank you for including my set among this wonderful collection! @leotajane

Wrote two years ago
Jane, thank you so much for your kind words on my sets and for adding them to your lovely collection!! You consistently humble me with your generosity. (((big hugs))) to you.


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