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I'm in state of shocking right now,calling EXO's fans ,what's really happened to Kris?


even though the sources also confused us too bad.
which one i can trust ,nope !! (but seeing on allkpop news make me believed it might be true?)

I will not saying much until Kris and SMEnt step out to confirm us.

i can't concentrate right now,just like it's my nightmare come back again.
some said must checking Tao's IG ?

Stupidly me to ask,Can you guys(exo's fans/Kpop&following say sth to me?

I really confused :( 
@eikki dammit i spread to you since an our early class on the lunch time my mind not coming back till now!
+i want to tag whoever kpop fans right now!!!

7.Yellow Rose(my favorite rose color)
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Yellow roses in their unassuming charm and sweet simplicity send out an equally alluring message.
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