A Light Bulb Spell for Knowledge

Purchase a yellow light bulb at the supermarket or hardware store. Place this in a lamp near your work area. Anoint the bulb with a dab of walnut oil, rosemary oil, or vanilla extract. As you turn on the light, release your verbal component to begin its work: "In the light of reason, I wish to grow and learn. Retain this knowledge in my heart each time this bulb is burned. Now is not the time for sleep, nor a time for fun. Teachers of the astral realm, grant me concentration!" Repeat the last phrase each time you feel your thoughts wandering.

Intelligence, learning, awareness, realization, aptitude, improved concentration, and keen wit.

Waxing moons. In bright sunlight. Months of May, July, and October. Moon in Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Moon in any air sign. Tuesday and Sunday.
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