ll Sexy B*tch- Girlicious Cover ll 
This cover totally fits Elyse I think.
+ Elyse Flores ; 16
+ LIKES: singing, tanning, cheerleading, bright colours, kissing, wavy hair, bikinis, sunsets, short skirts, beaches, Brazil, fiji water, boys. 
+ DISLIKES: Long pants, working out, pale skin, losers, grape slushIes, small towns, dandelions, green tea, her parents, pressure. 
+ As beautiful as a Brazilian orchid, this tanned bombshell has it all- exotic looks, perfect grades, an A-list boyfriend, and is the captain of the cheerleading squad- under her belt. Elyse was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the home to beaches and beauty galore. From the very start of her life, Elyse was given everything she wanted, and anything she wanted. Her parents showered her with gifts, gifts, and more gifts. But that doesn't mean they didn't push her and drive poor Elyse crazy sometimes. They pushed her to do her best, one-hundred-ten percent all the time. Elyse's slim, toned body made her perfect for ballet, where she was clearly the star. She soared, she leapt, across a million different stages and portraying a million different roles. After ballet, came gymnastics, where she also succeeded. She was flexible and balanced, able to do perfect jumps, and also able to walk a beam without even a stumble. Finally, she found cheerleading, her true and very real calling. In cheerleading, she could combine both of her skills- dancing and her flexibility. Her personality helped a lot with that too. At the age of fourteen though, Elyse and her family said good-bye to sunny, gorgeous Brazil and hello to Lima, Ohio. Elyse enrolled into William McKinley High School, and immediately, she was a hit. She moved her way up, through the chain of pretty girls, until she reached the top. She worked hard, getting the grades, getting the guy, and most importantly, earning her position as head cheerleader fair and square. But it wasn't easy to get here. Elyse had to crush people to get to where she is today, but does this b*tch regret it in anyway? Of course not! She's living the perfect life. But little Elyse has a secret talent, underneath that wavy, sun kissed hair, and past that Brazilian accent that lingers in her voice- Elyse can sing. And she's pretty great at it too. Nobody would guess that the girl with every talent imaginable would really have another one, and another one she certainly loves. Elyse's voice is light and airy, but able to reach whatever high notes it desires, or fit into every genre imaginable. But everybody knows that at this school, living double lives between the populars, and the glee club is almost impossible. Elyse has made a decision, and she's going to risk it- She's joining glee club. She doesn't care what the people say about her, she's the it girl of WMHS, and nobody will take this girl's throne. But with Elyse's competitive nature, she definitely will not let anyone step in the way of her true dreams and nobody is getting in this kitten's way. 
+ MODEL: Flavia de Oliviera
TAKEN. @deidra-le-reve.
Chances are, you already know me. But if you don't well, I'm feeling nice enough to do a little introduction. My name is Elyse Flores, I'm Brazilian (if you couldn't already tell by my good looks and accent ;) I enjoy singing, Fiji water, beaches, kissing, cheerleading, and my boyfriend, Freddie (touch him, and I'll claw your eyes out with my French-manicured nails ;) Introduce yourselves, and maybe I'll say hello back. 
xx Elyse
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